Will My Gazebo Blow Away? – A Game of Gazebos

can my gazebo blow away

This is how it will be…

The short answer is: it’s a possibility.

Many nightmares have come true for some gazebo lovers but don’t panic because there’s hope.

I can give you the secrets to ensuring your gazebo is secure.

Obviously, if you’re facing high winds and you haven’t properly secured your gazebo then, of course, you can expect it to blow away.

I’ve had this unfortunate event happen to myself a few times but through many trials and tribulations, I’ve found the cure.

Gazebo weights

Weight bags or pockets as they’re also known are just great, holding down the fort like the Starks of Winterfell.

Many BBQ’s have been saved in my garden thanks to these, they always give you that piece of mind when there’s that unforeseen blast from the wind.

But that’s not the only option.

Ground pegs are the hidden saviour, they’re in the ground, out of sight and out of mind. They’re a great choice if you’re not looking for anything intrusive.

They are pretty easy to set up and the best part is that they’re usually included with any gazebo that you purchase.

DON’T only hammer part of the peg in, make sure it’s fully into the ground or it can become a tripping hazard.

pegged down gazebo

If you don’t get them included, don’t fear as they’re pretty cheap anyway and you can pick them up from your local camping store or online.

In desperate times, I’m sure you could probably makeshift something into a simple stake anyway.


The hero we don’t deserve

The last preferred method of choice is the string, simply tie your gazebo up to any support in close proximity.

You can easily keep it held down with this, plus it’s the cheapest option.

The string can be picked up at any camping or DIY store, it may leave you with a £2 hole in your pocket but the hundreds it will save when those malicious high winds come flying in.

So, as you can see, not all hope is lost. Gazebos can be secured, the game of gazebos….. is over.

There’s many that have been saved by the secrets that I shared, I hope they bid you good fortune too and your gazebo doesn’t fly away.

Countless examples are on YouTube of what could happen, your gazebo flying away into the air.

But there are also many success stories, people who have found ways of ensuring the worst doesn’t happen to them in strong winds.

Many good quality gazebos that are on the market have a lot of these anchoring bags, ground pegs and guy ropes as part of the package.

Check out the video below to see proof:

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