Will A Pergola Provide Shade & Deter Herons?

heron in water

Will it scare away the herons?

If you’ve landed here you’re likely wondering whether a pergola provides shade or, will this deter herons?

The design can be quite misleading, as first glances people often wonder how do they provide shade if there is no solid wall or roof?

It gives off the impression that there isn’t going to be any shade once you’ve got it up, but that’s quite the opposite.

Well, you’ll be glad to hear that they are actually pretty good at providing shade throughout the day, giving your guests protection from some of the UV rays.

If you’re interested in learning more about what makes them so great and whether or not your house will become darker with a pergola.

Can They Deter Herons?

One strange fact you might be unaware of, herons avoid water with obstacles around it. Typically they like to land close to the water and slowly wade into it.

Setting up a pergola around the edge of the body of water will deter them from landing around the pond. They could still land further away and walk down but having one lowers the chance of a heron landing at all.

You can even set it up over your pond if it’s on the smaller side, this should cause a drastic reduction in the number of herons you see around your pond.

Fun Fact: Pergolas can home insects, and when situated over a pond, these occasionally fall into the water – providing your fish with a gourmet meal!

On the other hand though, if you’re wanting more herons to land then it’s advisable that you set up your pergola further away from the body of water.

Through personal experience, I’ve had pergolas set up in the past around 15m away from the pond and had herons landing nearby almost daily and none at all when it was around 5m away so vary the distance depending on your preference.

A few herons around a body of water

Herons prefer to walk into the water


How Well Do Pergolas Provide Shade?

Pergola with shade

As you can see there’s a lot of shade

Usually, there’s plenty of areas it covers in the mid-day sun, but the coverage depends on the angle of the sun.

They are not designed to provide full protection from the sun, more of a relief from direct sunlight.

However, you’ll notice that whilst you are under them it’s much cooler and it does provide you with relief from the sunlight.

Obviously, if you are going to be sat outside under a pergola for a while then it’s still best to wear sunscreen on those warmer days.

So, overall, you should expect relief from sunlight rather than 100% protection due to the gaps in the roof.

If you’re wondering if the gaps have any effect on your pergola blowing away, then keep reading.

Will My Pergola Blow Away?

With all the gaps in the roof, will that prevent it from blowing away?

It will definitely help keep your pergola down in strong winds but the fact of the matter is, it’s not guaranteeing it stays grounded.

But don’t worry as there’s plenty of ways of securing your pergola down.

House with sun in background casting a shadow

The direction your pergola faces is key to the timing of the shade.

Will It Make My House Dark?

Often with structures like this, it will cover quite large areas so it can have an effect on the buildings around it.

People so frequently rush into constructing their new stuff that they overlook the impact on the surrounding arrangements it will have.

Doom and gloom follows, they realise their house no longer receives any daylight and the only option is to rebuild the pergola elsewhere.

But as it turns out, you’re one of the lucky ones as you’re already thinking ahead about this.

Pergolas have less of an impact on the brightness within the home compared to regular gazebos but it’s likely that you will have a criss-cross shadow throughout your affected rooms.

The times that your home will be affected will vary depending on which direction your new build is facing – always bear this in mind during your planning phase.

If you’re looking for other things to look out for before starting with your build then check out our top methods for preparing the build.





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