What is Powder Coating & What Does it Do?

  • By: Erik
  • Date: 9 January 2022
  • Read Time: 2 min.

So you’ve probably ended up here wondering what’s so good about powder coating? Why do I keep hearing people bragging that their products are powder coated?

Well, before we get into that, let’s take a quick look at the history of powder coating.

When was Powder Coating Invented?

It first appeared in the late 1940s, a German scientist by the name of Dr Erwin Gemmer first began trialling this painting method.

Initially, the intention was to provide electrical insulation and to help metals resist corrosion and abrasion.

For a period of around 10 years, this was the only method known and was patented by the doctor but the popularity of powder coating was exponentially increasing, and fast.

After this initial surge, people began experimenting with new ways of applying paint but Germany itself still dominated the scene.

It quickly began to grow worldwide due to it becoming cheaper.

With every new method available it was able to be applied with decreasing thickness – initially, it was very thick and not suitable for commercial use.

Benefits of Powder Coating

Across the globe, powder coating is becoming more popular, cheaper and many companies are now opting to use it over traditional painting methods, for a variety of reasons.


There are plenty of benefits to applying a powder coat and they aren’t just practical reasons.

It also has a much smaller environmental impact than other paint alternatives, making it easier for companies to apply environmental regulations.


A much stronger alternative to regular paints, it’s much less likely to begin to chip away. It also provides protection from rust, abrasion and corrosion to the metal it’s applied to.


Whilst it can be more expensive to actually apply the paint, it will pay off in the long run as there’s a much smaller chance of any of the paint flaking away.

This eliminates the need for repairs and repainting in the future. You can expect a much longer life span than regular paints.

One Coat

With it being sprayed onto surfaces, an even finish is achieved. It gives distinct textures that are only achievable through powder coating as it allows the users to manipulate the powder.


Possibilities are endless here and it’s easy to combine multiple colours to produce unique styles that are unmatched anywhere.

With powder coating you can get incredible effects such as luminescent colours that really make things stand out, it’s perfect for store signs or anything you want to stand out.

There’s plenty of garden furniture that we’ve reviewed such as our powder-coated marquees, cantilever parasols, egg chairs, bbq cooking shelters, teppanyaki grills and much more…

It’s definitely something that you should consider when opting for garden furniture as it will increase its durability in the outdoor environment.


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