What is a Pop up Gazebo? (Video at bottom)

What is a pop up gazebo? Explained in detail

What is a pop up gazebo?

So you’ve been looking around camping shops, maybe decathalon or possibly taking a look online and you’ve seen a kind of tent labelled as a pop up gazebo but you’re thinking…

What is a pop up gazebo?

Well, here goes…

A pop-up gazebo is an outdoor shelter that takes its name from the ease in which it is to be built.

Get it? Pop up…

Unfortunately, it’s not as straightforward as that, however, it does take very little effort to have one fully built in less than a couple of minutes.

Here’s why below.

The ‘pop up’ bit may sound like it’s inflatable or jumps out of the box but in fact what makes them so easy to build is the concertina frame.

The concertina frame has replaced the old 1980’s, 90’s style gazebos that were built by connecting poles together (takes a lot longer) and this attribute also added to the explosion in popularity for both garden and holiday use.

So, what is a concertina frame?


Firstly, you need to imagine or know what a concertina actually is.

Have you ever seen the musical instrument of the same name?

Then you’ll understand exactly where this product got its name from and why.

If you haven’t, then, as you can see in the image above, the instrument is played by extending your arms outwards and then inwards.

When this happens the sound is created.

But we’re not bothered about the sound, the bit we’re interested in is the bit in the middle (the concertina style).

Have you seen how when it’s pushed together it compacts very tightly and when extended the insides are easily stretched out?

Well, this is how the pop up gazebo was created, based on the style of the concertina instrument.

Concertina style frame

Concertina style frame

As you can see in the image, it is currently compacted in a similar style to the musical instrument above.

To ‘pop up’ this product you simply grab a side with a friend and hold onto two frame legs and gradually walk backward.

Guess what?

The frame then stretches out and is then clicked into place and here you have your pop up gazebo, concertina style!

Check out in this video below to help you understand how to build a pop up gazebo in this way or view on homepage

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