Best Gazebo Heaters to Keep You Warm Outdoors

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Best Outdoor Heaters Below

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is or what country you live in, there’s a good chance that you’ll need an outdoor heater at the ready.

If you’re in the U.K then you’re more than aware of this 🙂

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a heater or multiple heaters to hand, then there’s a good chance that your event could end early, boo hoo…

We’ve chosen 5 different outdoor heaters to review and we’re pretty sure at least 1 or 2 of them should be perfect for keeping you warm.

Best Gazebo Heaters – Quick View

In a rush and no time to read our reviews then check out the 5 products below on Amazon for yourself.

Brand Max Power Heat Settings Max Height Price
Firefly (2 pack) 2000W 3 6ft 10ins ££
Outsunny Hanging Halogen /w Remote 2000W 2 Hanging £
Garden Glow Circle Gas Flame 15000W Dial 6ft 11ins ££££
La Hacienda Fire Pit Fuel Fuel 63cm ££
Harbour Housewares Fire Pit Fuel Fuel 38.5cm £

Firefly Electric Patio Heater | Energy Effecient Outdoor Heater

Firefly Freestanding Electric heaters that can keep you and your friends warm outdoors

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standing heaterThis set of 2 firefly electric patio heaters are great for those chilly evenings

Firstly, they come with 3 heat settings so you’re able to keep a comfortable temperature and reduce the energy costs when it’s not needed as much.

They don’t cost that much to run anyway to be honest, around 10p per hour, which is quite surprising for an electric heater.

With two we found that we got maximum coverage of our gazebo, one just wasn’t quite enough.

Being IPX4 approved means these are also suitable for indoor use so when summer is over you can make use of them in other ways, perhaps you want to heat your garage whilst you’re in there?

You can easily adjust the height on these dependant on your preference but it ranges from 5ft 8¾in – 6ft 10¾in.

The actual heating lamp can be angled to your preference also, this pivots on a 45 degree angle so you’re able to aim it exactly where you want.

Also, they’re made from stainless steel and are highly durable due to this.

Pros and cons

  • Low energy cost
  • 3 output settings
  • Great value
  • Can also be used indoors
  • Adjustable height

  • Takes a few minutes to warm up

Expert Tip!!

If you place the heaters in opposite corners of the area you want to heat you’ll be able to make the most of the heat they churn out.

Also, you could adjust the height so it’s as low as it goes and angle the heating element towards the floor. This will ensure it heats the coolest air, as warm air rises so you will feel the benefit more.

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Outsunny Halogen Heater | Best Outdoor Hanging Heater

Outsunny hanging heater (electric)

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hanging heater with lightOutsunny offer up this fancy looking ceiling heater, it sure kicks out some heat aswell.

With two heat settings you can keep the temperature under reasonable control dependant on your liking.

It’s a bit more hassle to install than a standing heater but that’s expected with the style. However, it’s not difficult at all.

We had it up within 10 minutes and it was kicking out heat in no time. All you need to do is attach it the the central support of the area you wish to be heated.

It has chains attached that allow for the easy setup. With the design, they’ve also added hooks so you can easily adjust the height once you’ve got it hung up so you don’t have to redo everything.

A light is also built into this outdoor heater but to be honest, it didn’t really do much, our phone light was better…

With a splash proof rating of IP24 you’ll have peace of mind when it’s under your canopy as it’s fine against splashed. Don’t however leave it exposed to rain or large amounts of water as it’s not protected against that.

Pros and cons

  • 2 heat settings
  • Easy to adjust
  • Takes up no floor space
  • Can also be used indoors
  • Adjustable height
  • Protective Mesh

  • Built in light is quite dim

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Garden Glow Circle Flame Gas Heater | Aesthetically Pleasing

Garden glow gas flame heater

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cool vortex flame heaterA true focal point of your evening when this is nearby.

All guests will be in awe of the beautiful flames that this produces, it gives a really relaxing and warm feel to the environment.

It really encapsulates your guests into the evening.

We loved the variable temperature controls as it has the potential to kick out a huge 15,000 watts. I doubt you’ll ever need to crank it up that high unless you’re looking to heat a large area.

It runs on either butane or propane gas which is easily picked up from many stores such as Homebase or B&Q.

If you plan on getting it from B&Q then you will need to head over to the customer service desk as you cannot just grab it from anywhere in store.

Our favourite part of it being gas powered is that there’s no annoying wires lying around anywhere.

Another advantage this brings is the versatility, you move it around with little effort due to the two wheels it has towards the back side. With a little force, you can tilt it onto the wheels and easily transport it to your desired location.

Once you’ve finished with the heater, you can purchase a cover to store it away for the wet months.

Obviously you must remember to let it cool before you start covering it with anything!

Pros and cons

  • Variable heat
  • Mesmerising flames
  • Huge heat output
  • Available in square design
  • No trailing wires
  • Quick to heat

  • Quite pricey
  • Requires building

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La Hacienda Ochiba Fire Pit | Best log burner for patio areas

Log burner to keep you warm outdoors

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la hacienda fire pitIf you’re after an authentic design then this is what you’re looking for.

The design of this is just awesome, I think a lot of the inspiration for it came from the middle east, its perfect for summer evenings.

It’s naturally rusted and is a great focal point for any garden and evenings.

Also, it has a “game of thrones” type feel to it, take your mind away from the UK, across the narrow sea and into Mereen.

Once you get the logs burning, this can really kick out some heat and it will keep all your guests warm.

You might be thinking, where will I keep the logs?

Well, they already have this problem solved with the design. It features a large space for you to stack up your logs under the fire bowl. It shows how much effort they actually put into the design.

stacked fire pit wood

Something we’d recommend is the Lekto briquettes, these are very slow burning and last around 8 hours per brick. On top of that, they are brick shaped so they are perfect for stacking in the provided space.

If you’re after a more traditional log to burn then we’d recommend this hardwood firewood.

Pros and cons

  • Rustic design
  • Space for storage
  • Good heat output
  • Great centre piece
  • No wires
  • Laser cut flame pattern

  • Takes a while to heat
  • Quite heavy

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Harbour Houseware Cast Iron Fire Pit | Classic Cast Iron Burner

Cast Iron fire pit

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harbour houseware fire pitAn awesome cast iron burner, it sits well with many garden styles.

The design is a classic bowl shape which makes it easy to add more wood to your fire.

It’s engineered in a way that improves the heat radiation and allows sufficient air in so your fuel burns longer and brighter.

Assembling the fire pit was pretty smooth and required minimal effort. In the box you’re provided with the allen key needed to tighten everything.

We found that it was very sturdy even when we tested it out over more uneven grounds due to the tripod design. However, we recommend that you definitely try and find the most even surface you can for it.

One thing we found annoying about it was the weight, at 15kg it’s a pretty heft weight to move around but the handles definitely help.

In contrast though, the weight also adds to the stability and prevents it from being accidentally knocked over which is a hugely important safety feature.

The side handles also seemed to cool much faster than the bowl so it means you have less time to wait before being able to transport it.

Expert Tip!!

Another secret benefit that you can get out of these bowl shapes is turning them into a makeshift BBQ.

All you need to do is get a grill rack that’s large enough to cover the bowl and you’re set to start cooking food for your guests!

Pros and cons

  • 3 different sizes
  • Simple, traditional design
  • Side handles
  • Suits any garden
  • Gather people around easily
  • Great focal point

  • Quite heavy to lift
  • Rusts a little

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