How Expensive Are Gazebos to Buy?

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Gazebos can come in lots of different forms such as; pop up gazebos, wooden gazebos, the Coleman event shelter, BBQ Gazebos for cooking under and as you can imagine prices of these can vary wildly.

If you push me for a price, here’s a quick guide price for these products.

Gazebo Prices (A Rough Guide)

These products can vary wildly in price, quality and obviously size.  The prices listed below are for what I would expect to be ‘decent quality, strong and waterproof’

Pop up Gazebos

2x2m Gazebo (£100-£125)

The top of the range 2x2m gazebos (smallest size) will look to cost around £100 to £125 and this definitely would be more towards the top end of the market for quality, strength, and durability.

3x3m Gazebo (£150-£200)

Obviously, larger than the previous size so straight away there’s an increase in price just for the number of materials used but you will be looking to fork out around £150 – £200 and maybe more.

Larger Pop ups (£200+)

Obviously, we can keep going when it comes to sizes but now you’re talking about £200 upwards for a very good quality larger sized gazebo.

I would expect at minimum a carrying bag, the canopy to be 100% waterproof, steel pop out frame (powder coated steel frame and legs too) and definitely tent pegs, guy ropes, and leg weights.

Marquees (£350+)

It’s difficult to put a price on a Marquee as they vary quite a lot in size but if you’re holding me at gunpoint for a figure then you’ve got to be expecting to pay £450 even for an ‘ok’ one.

They have lots of features but essentially you want one described as; premium, galvanised, reinforced, 100% or Fully Waterproof and ideally it should come with lots of accessories. (As described above)

Better gazebos are made out of the premium materials.

Wooden Gazebos (£550++)

When pricing up Wooden gazebos sometimes a lot of it is dependant on the wood used to make the product and whether it has been or how it has been treated.

As mentioned previously, size matters too as for a 2x2m wooden gazebo you’re going to be talking a lot less then if you’re buying a summerhouse at 4x4m’s, etc.

You have to use your instinct when reading the material guide if its provided and the help of existing customer reviews is always a help.

If all reviews are 5 stars then I always do more investigative work before buying than if one was 4.

For instance:

Take a look at the dates the reviews were left, are they all very similar date? 

This may mean that they were given the product to test and maybe for free (I’m not referring to any particular platform, I’m just saying that this is how manufacturers can get their products out into the marketplace)





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