white powder coat on steel

What is Powder Coating & What Does it Do?

So you’ve probably ended up here wondering what’s so good about powder coating? Why do I keep hearing people bragging that their products are powder coated? Well, before we get into that, let’s take a quick look at the history of powder coating. When was Powder Coating Invented? It first appeared in the late 1940s, […]

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Will a Pop up Gazebo Keep Me Dry & Which to Buy?

Asking if all pop-up gazebos are waterproof is a great question?  If you go by a manufacturer’s product listings, then yes, you would think all pop-up gazebos are waterproof. This is not as straightforward as you would think.  As you can imagine, a waterproof pop up gazebo is more likely to sell, than a pop-up […]

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gazebo blown away

Will a Gazebo Blow Away & the Best Ways to Anchor it Down?

If you own a pop-up canopy and leave it standing without anchoring it down, then there’s a good chance your canopy will blow away. Included in your original purchase, ideally, you should have received guy ropes and tent pegs to help pin the canopy down and weight bags to support and anchor the frame legs. […]

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Airwave gazebo in blue colour

Are Airwave Gazebos Any Good, Who Makes Them & Where to Buy Them?

The range of airwave gazebos from the parent company, Garden Comforts, has been available to buy on Amazon now for a number of years, well actually over 10 years now… They offer a range of sizes, colours, premium versions, as well as a more affordable canopy for people with a lower budget without the overall […]

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BBQ Gazebo Shelter Kit Reviews (Wooden & Steel BBQ Gazebos)

Come rain or shine, BBQ Gazebo Shelters are a must-have commodity for ensuring you enjoy your garden… regardless of the weather! Depending on size and structure, not only can they offer a place to cook your favourite BBQ cuisine but can also provide a personalised chill-out area. Decor to your taste, and you will have […]

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all seasons gazebo

Are All Seasons Gazebos Any Good & Where to Buy Them? have a wide variety of instant shelters suitable for all types of occasions and their concertina pop up gazebos are some of the best on the market right now… we’re focusing on their gazebos ranging in size from their smallest (2x2m), right up to their 3x3m that include sides and a version that doesn’t […]

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Camping Gazebos by Colemans, Garden Gear & Costway…Reviewed for 2022

Whether you’re going to a festival, holding an event in your garden or going on a camping trip, taking a decent event shelter is important to ensure the success of your event. The shelters below have been selected based upon their strength, their ability to keep you and your guests dry and the ease with […]

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pop up gazebo

The Best Pop up Gazebos From Leading Brands – But Most Importantly…WHY?

Pop-up gazebos are a great choice if you’re looking to buy a overhead canopy, as long as you pick a decent one…  However, that’s not as easy as you think! Many pop-up gazebos are described as the answer to all of your problems but some often fail at the first hurdle when the wind picks […]

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Best Gazebo Fan Reviews

5 Top Rated Fans to Keep Your Gazebo Cool During Summer… Reviewed For 2022

Pop up gazebos are great but unfortunately, in the summer they can get really hot inside and that’s when a decent fan comes in handy to have in or near your gazebo. Buying a fan isn’t quite as easy as you would have thought, as there are so many to choose from. The tip to […]

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Metal Gazebo with Polycarbonate Roof

Best All Year Round Metal Gazebos with Polycarbonate Roof

Spending quality time in your garden, relaxing with friends, family or holding important events can all be done under the protective shelter of a polycarbonate gazebo. Buying a metal gazebo for a patio or deck isn’t difficult but choosing a decent one can be tricky!  A polycarbonate gazebo should be strong, rust-resistant and have mesh […]

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garden with gazebo surrounded by leaves

Top Rated Wooden Gazebo Kits (Japanese, Octagon & Willow)

Given the surge in popularity of wooden gazebo kits, a lot of companies have jumped on the bandwagon of gazebo manufacturing. They are a fantastic focal point of your garden and they provide the shelter you need to stay out of direct sunlight or rain. There are so many uses you can get out of […]

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Marquee reviews

Extra Large & Sturdy Waterproof Marquees for Weddings & Christenings

Buying the best marquee for your money can be tricky… Firstly, you need to ensure you buy a waterproof marquee that will ensure that you, your guests or your vehicle, etc are kept dry and protected from the rain. Secondly, your choice of marquee must be big enough for your event, even if it means […]

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flames from an outdoor fire

5 Top Rated Heaters For Inside & Around Your Gazebo or Patio…

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is or what country you live in, there’s a good chance that you’ll need a gazebo heater at the ready as the autumn and the winter months approach… With lots of brands and the different ways in which heaters are powered, it can be confusing when deciding […]

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light bulb and plug socket

Best Outdoor Solar String & LED Flood Lights… Reviewed For 2022

Yes, summer here again…  You’re setting up your brand new gazebo or blowing the cobwebs off your old one ready for those warm summer nights Even though the days are longer, we just can’t get enough of the nights in the UK, we just enjoy spending time outdoors whilst it’s warm, so it’s time to […]

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10kg weight

3 Sets of Weights to Secure Your Gazebo to Withstand Wind

If you intend on using your pop up canopy to its full potential then there’s a good chance you’ll need a good set of heavy-duty gazebo weights. The recommended weights below will add extra strength and stability to the frame and legs of your pop up canopy. Gazebo Weights Sandbag Weights for Round & Square […]

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music lovers at festival

Can You Take a Gazebo to a Festival & Which Festivals Allow them?

Are you thinking of buying a shelter but want to know, can you take a pop-up gazebo to a festival? Glastonbury Festival and Festaff Festivals, as part of the rules for campers, don’t accept gazebos.  So, the answer to the question is it depends on which festival you are going to. Nevertheless, there are many […]

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