Do Mini Greenhouses Work? (My Success Story)

  • By: Erik
  • Date: 23 January 2022
  • Read Time: 3 min.

It all started back in around 2008, this is when I first began growing my own veg.  I didn’t really have much space in my garden but decided against getting a greenhouse.

Failure after failure, my veg just wouldn’t survive outside.


Through many trials and tribulations, I eventually sought a solution.  There had to be something and surely other people must be in the same situation as me: small garden, big gardening dreams.


I considered renting some space on a garden lot but I just didn’t have the spare cash to afford this at the time, part of the reasoning behind growing my own vegetables in the first place.

However, I did visit some at the time that was owned by friends, I ended up speaking to many of the happy folk who had their own allotments there.

One day, out of nowhere, someone recommended that I look into getting a mini greenhouse.

At first, I thought they were joking and didn’t expect it to actually be available, but it was.

I immediately began looking online to find just any cheap one that I could, I didn’t want it to burn a hole in my pocket.

There were many options available and I ended up settling for one that cost me around £45 at the time, it was perfect for my budget.

When it arrived I set it up in my garden, excited to get to work with it.

I thought it would be best to start with something easier to grow, so I began with carrots.

I sowed the seeds and reaped the rewards, I was so proud of myself and thankful for finally having something that would protect my plants where I could not.

So years have flown by since I first purchased one, I haven’t regretted it since.

There have been many learning experiences, both good and bad, like don’t leave the hatches open through the night…. you’ll end up providing the slugs with a feast!

Also, make sure you place it in the area that will receive the most sunlight throughout the days and this will help your plants thrive.

I’d highly recommend that you check out my reviews and guide to buying your own, I would hope that you trust my opinion by now.

It really opens up your options when it comes to living out your gardening fantasies, there are many plants that you could only dream of growing in the UK that you’ll now be able to grow with the insulation and protection these will provide.

For example, you could grow some grapes, although they are not a vegetable, they flourish and thrive in warmer climates but you just can’t grow them in the UK usually.

But your problems are now over, the mini greenhouse will provide a safe environment for you to grow them.

It will also protect your grapes from wild animals, mainly birds (they seem to love them).

So definitely you should take this experience I’ve had and understand that they do work and they do an amazing job, it’s worth the small investment.

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