Can You Take a Gazebo to a Festival?

Some festivals don’t allow revelers to bring gazebos to campsites due to limited space and the crowd such festivals command.

music lovers at festival

For example;

Glastonbury Festival and Festaff Festivals, as part of the rules for campers, don’t accept gazebos or tents that take up space.

Basically, the answer is dependent on which festival you are going to.

Nevertheless, there are many festivals which allow you to bring in a pop-up gazebo.

Where they are accepted, gazebos are great items you can take to winter festivals, music festivals, arts festival, film festivals, food festivals and religious festivals.

Basically, the answer is dependent on which festival you are going to.

It is, however, advisable for festival-goers to read up the rules and regulations of the festival grounds before going ahead with a gazebo, shade canopy or a trailer tent.

As contained in their packing list advice, Glastonbury Festival doesn’t allow gazebos into camp. But you can go with your tent. All campers are made to go through a thorough stop-and-search session prior to entry into the farm.

Download Festival allows gazebos into camp.

Download festival

Your ticket to camp covers camping space of 9m × 7m at the Campervan Site.

You can decide to pitch your gazebo in the space provided.

What this implies is that you’ll have to look for gazebos which aren’t larger than the required size while shopping for one.

Festivals That Don’t Allow Gazebos

Festivals which do not allow gazebos include:

  1. Creamfields Festival
  2. Sundown Festival
  3. Isle of Wight Festival
  4. V Festival
  5. E Festival
  6. Kendal Calling

Festivals That Allow Gazebos on Site

Some of the festivals which allow gazebos either at the campsite or the arenas include:

  1. Boardmasters Festival
  2. Leeds Festival
  3. Bestival
  4. Camp Bestival
  5. Download Festival
  6. Hampton Court Palace Festival

You may also want to consider the colour you buy due to you normally encountering the odd bit of mud…


The above are not an exhaustive list of festivals which allow or do not allow gazebos in camp. We advise that you check the terms and conditions or rules and regulations of festivals you’re headed to before packing your items.   


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