The Best Wooden Gazebos for Your Garden

japanese style wooden gazebo on a garden

Japanese Style Gazebo

Given the sudden splurge in the popularity of wooden gazebo kits, a lot of companies have jumped on the bandwagon of gazebo manufacturing.

They are a fantastic focal point of your garden and they provide the shelter you need to stay out of direct sunlight or rain.

There are so many uses you can get out of them ranging from BBQ’s, hot tub covers or even just a place to put some seats in and relax.

Just like almost every other product, the customer is spoiled for choice here too, with a large number of different varieties available.

We’ve pulled together what we consider the top 5 if you’re interested how we came to this decision then read our buying guide.

Best Wooden Gazebo Kits For Sale

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simple wooden gazebo with a roof

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Coming from one of the best names in home and garden decor, the Checo Home and Garden wooden gazebo is one of the most durable and beautiful pieces of woodwork online.

It’s a truly great product, it has comfortable space for hot tubs.

The roof and sides give you protection from winds and rain, so really you can use it all year round.

Build and Design

Made of premium quality pine/spruce.

The package comes with 11 side panels  and 2 handrails, 8  posts of dimensions 70mm x 70mm, 1  protractor to set the posts, 8  wooden beams for roof binding, 10 wooden struts, 8 wooden rafters, wooden ending to the top 16 metal brackets, metal cross to connect the rafters, 8 finished wooden roof panels (cladding) and 16 finished slats for roof panel.

Moreover, the wood has been treated with Wolmanit C-10 for durability. The gazebo has one open side, two semi-open sides and four closed sides.

  • Vintage Victorian appearance
  • Well ventilated
  • Fits large hot tubs
  • Durable materials
  • Quick build

  • Floor panels not included

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Dunster House with Roof Felt

large shelter that can act as a car port

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If you’re looking for a truly multipurpose wooden gazebo kit with a simplistic design and strong build, then this is your best choice, it can even double up as a car port.

Premium in quality, it comes with a ten-year rot warranty and the reputation of the very popular Atlas ltd.

Whether you have a house party or friends over for some barbecue, or if you just want some cover for your hot tub, this one can do it all and more.

Build and design

With an impressive external width of 3.20m (10′ 5″) / 3.20m (10′ 5″) and a ridge height of 3.04m, this gazebo splits the perfect difference between big and small. The world-class spruce is infused with the best of preservatives to make it last longer.

Atlas also offers a variety of roof panels such as half height, full height and glazed panels for privacy, as well as, protection from all sorts of weather. The posts are strong and the framework is heavy duty with high tensile strength and endurance for steam and rain.

  • Decorative design
  • Easy to install
  • VERY Durable
  • Comes with flooring

  • Not very private
  • Requires 2 people to build

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Rowlinson Willow Gazebo

Your period home with slant arches and brown walls cannot look any better than it would if you get this Elizabethan inspired beauty that Rowlinson, an old name in garden decor products brings you.

Rowlinson Willow Gazebo

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It is compact but sprawling in its sophistication and is especially good for small gardens.

It will sit in one corner of your garden and draw everyone who sees it.

Build and design

It’s hexagonal make and small size is deceptive; it is quite spacious inside.

The lattice sides are horseshoe-shaped, further making it eerily reminiscent to a 19th-century garden.

The setup is so light, it can be very easily shifted from one place to another. The roof and floor are made of solid willow.


  • Very compact
  • Easy to set up
  • Sophisticated appearance
  • Intricate design


  • Bit flimsy
  • Small space

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Dunster House Pressure Treated Shelter – Utopia 200

large open wooden shelter

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If all you are looking for is a beautiful shelter in your garden that is amazingly durable, the Utopia 200 is the one for you.

Typical of Dunster House, the posts are strong and the material is durable too.

It serves its purpose very well.

 Build and design

The Utopia 200 is not very flashy, but is very impressive in terms of the perfect symmetry it is made in. With an external width of 1.98m (6′ 5″) / 1.98m (6′ 5″) and a ridge height of  2.40m (7′ 10″), the gazebo is just how big you want it to be. The top of the class spruce is pressure treated.


  • Very easy to set up
  • Sturdy build
  • Roof felt included
  • Good walkthrough height


  • Not very private

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Checo home and garden Japanese style pagoda

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This wooden gazebo is simply unique, with its standout feature being the stunning historical Japanese inspiration.

It is aesthetically appealing to the most minute detail and will spruce up (pun intended) your garden.

A true focal piece for your garden, giving you a real “cultured” feeling, it would also be great for any Japanese themed event.

Build and design

The Pagoda is not very big, so it can fit into any corner. The beige colour further adds to its old worldly charm. The timber is also pressure treated.


  • Durable and long lasting
  • Unique design
  • Floor panels
  • Pressure treated


  • Tricky to build

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Why you should buy a wooden gazebo kit

When you picture your dream house, it is incomplete without a garden that instills joy in your heart every time you step into it.

The rustic setting of the garden is immensely aided by wooden gazebos, that not only enhance the look of your garden but also provide shade from the sun.

They become the little corners of comfort in your garden, where you can read books, have a cup of tea or a romantic dinner, play games or simply meditate.

Alternatively, they can also function as shaded walkways or pavilions that you love to enter your garden through.

Lately, gazebos have also become modes of ensuring privacy for hot tubs and spas located outdoors. A specialized line of wooden gazebos for hot tubs has emerged to cater to this purpose.

 Wooden gazebos find a lot of significance because of their psychological impact.

Homemaking scientists claim that the essentiality of space in a relationship or a family is helped by a semi-isolated space within the premises of the house.

Therefore, not only modes of display of affluence in all of their sprawling beauty but also essential products.

While those who appreciate the countryside would go for breaking a sweat, chopping timber in the old school style, and fashion themselves a rustic gazebo.

A majority of people choose to buy wooden gazebo kits that come with very few tools and a guide for easy installation.

This convenience is one of the reasons why these kits have become so popular lately.

How to Buy the Best Wooden Gazebo

A smart purchase is the one that suits your purpose the best. Based on this comprehensive guide, you can dispel your inhibitions and buy for yourself the best wooden gazebo for your garden!

This guide aims at helping you choose the gazebo that is perfect for your needs. We have laid out the factors that you should take into consideration, along with a list of products that have qualified our selection criteria.

When looking to buy a wooden gazebo kit for your garden, here are the factors that you should keep in consideration for a smart purchase

  • Shape and size

The appearance is important since once installed, it practically becomes the focal point of your garden.

The wooden gazebo kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes – the hexagonal and the rectangular ones being the most popular because of their simplistic installation and look.

More sophisticated gazebos include the octagonal ones.

The size of the gazebo depends upon the size of your lawn or garden.

For a garden that is not very big, you should choose a gazebo that can fit into a corner without being overly obtrusive.

The size also impacts the price and the time taken for installation.

A rectangular wooden gazebo takes about two hours to set up, the hexagonal one takes about three hours while those with more than six faces take at least three hours to install.

Since the intricacies of panel fittings increase with the increase in the number of faces, rectangular wooden gazebos tend to be cheaper than the hexagonal ones; the hexagonal ones are cheaper than the octagonal ones and so on.

This only holds true if the quality of the material is fairly the same.

The type of your home also makes a difference: traditional hexagonal gazebos go well with period homes and open sided gazebos add to the aura of a modern house.

  • Material

A gazebo is placed outside the house, so it is exposed thoroughly to the vicissitudes of all the seasons. Imagine a piece of wood-decaying and wilting under hours of pouring rain.

You certainly do not want your gazebo to look like that.

So, does it mean that you have to buy a gazebo made out of the most premium quality material possible for it to last long?

The answer is, yes.

One made from pressure treated timber is typically treated with preservatives during the process of logging is bound to last longer without rotting.

However, the option of going for a cheaper softwood automatically entails painting and staining at least twice a year, which brings the real money spent to almost the same as that of the premium quality kit.

This process, too, doesn’t retrogress the speed of deterioration to a great extent.

A whole new set of factors come into play while choosing a wooden gazebo for hot tubs since it would be in contact with the steam coming out of the tub.

The gazebo should be coated with a liquid plastic steam-proof coating to prevent acceleration of damage.

The location

The utility of a wooden gazebo is determined to a great extent by where it is located.

For a gazebo that is to be located in the corner of the house, the aesthetic should be one that looks good with the vines and creepers.

You’ll need a gazebo with a higher number of vertical poles for this purpose.

However, for one located in the center of the garden, the lesser the number of poles, the better is the look.

Moreover, the purpose of the gazebo also plays an important role: you need completely different varieties for privacy and for an accessible social space.


If you have decided to invest in a gazebo, it means you really want the best look for your garden.

However, with wooden gazebo kits, the most expensive one is not always the best option.

The aforementioned purposes should play a greater role.

For instance, if you buy a very sophisticated and large gazebo for a garden that barely has space, it defeats the purpose.

Quality and price are only related to a certain extent in the market for this product.

The bottom line is that wooden gazebo kits are characteristically expensive and you should not chose a bad gazebo for the difference of a small amount.


Reinforcing the point that gazebos are a major investment for your decor, the brand should be one of reputation and trust, so that you’re not dismayed after letting go of your hard-earned money.

Moreover, brand specialization also demands attention: while buying a wooden gazebo for hot tubs or spas, you might not consider a brand whose specialization is backyard gazebo.

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