Best Permanent Outdoor Gazebos For All Year Round

Outsunny 3 x 3 Meters Patio Aluminium Gazebo Canopy Marquee Party Tent Hardtop Roof Garden Shelter w/Mesh & Side Walls

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Quality time in your garden under a polycarbonate gazebo, is there anything better?

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Whether you’re relaxing with family, drinks with friends or holding important events, YOU can now do this.

Choosing a metal gazebo for a patio or garden space isn’t difficult but buying a decent one can be tricky…

You need it to be rust-resistant, have a strong frame and roof section, mesh curtains, oh, and can keep you dry.

If you’re a little fazed by that then follow our reviews, they’re here to help you buy the best for you…

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These hardtop gazebos below are the best in our opinion based solely on the information available on each product.  The reviews are quite long so be sure to use the navigation provided.

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Palram Martinique The Best All Year Round Outdoor Gazebo

Palram Polycarbonate Gazebo without sides

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This Palram Martinique is so strong it can stay outdoors all year round on a patio or concrete area.

Quite often it will be described as a ‘pergola with a roof’ or a hardtop gazebo but whichever name you go by you can rely on it to provide you plenty of fun during the summer and survive the harshest of winters.

The best way of anchoring down this type of shelter is to drill it into the hard ground via the pre-drilled holes in the footplates.

This product is easy to assemble but you will require a couple of extra pairs of hands via your friends or a local joiner to help build it due to the heavy-duty beams and polycarbonate roof sheets.

The framework is powder coated which will protect the steel supports from rust and help maintain their strength, whilst the roof sections are polycarbonate which is much safe than glass and much lighter to handle.

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Polycarbonate Roof

Polycarbonate panels are lightweight but don’t underestimate their strength.  They’re durable and will resist even the worst of weather conditions thrown at them.

They are much safe than using glass as polycarbonate doesn’t shatter and are x10 stronger than plastic and glass.

Powder-coated steel frame

Powder coating helps to protect the steel beams against rust and help maintain the strength.  It will also improve longevity by adding more durability to the steel frame section which will also give you better value for money by ensuring it can be used for many years to come.

Sturdy & Windproof

The galvanised steel frame and the ability to drill it to the ground provides a secure and stable canopy.  Don’t underestimate how much sturdier drilling into the hard ground will provide.

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Outsunny Polycarbonate Gazebo with Solid Roof & Curtains

Outsunny 3x3.6m Hardtop Gazebo

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This permanent outdoor Outsunny 3×3.6m gazebo is ideal for those of you that have the room for it.

The 3 layered roof panels prevent 90% of UV rays from damaging your skin, whilst also protecting your furniture from bleaching by the sun.

You can leave it outdoors throughout the winter as long as you’ve drilled it down with the provided anchors.

There are screw holes in the footplates for the provided tent pegs should you be placing it on soft ground such as grass, alternatively, you can use screws should you mount it on decking, concrete or tarmac.

The meshing screen will keep out the bugs, whilst the curtains will keep all the drafts should it be breezy or cooler during evening use.

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Here’s what we like about this Outsunny hardtop gazebo in more detail.

Stable in Windy weather

The powder-coated galvanised steel uprights provide excellent support to the roof section and help with the stability of the structure.

The holes in the feet for the anchors help to hold the gazebo down and stop the frame from shifting in windy weather.

Completely Waterproof

The polycarbonate panels slot together and once together they provide 100% waterproofing.  They are much stronger than glass and plastic, whilst also very light to handle.

The panels will last a long time, can protect against UV rays and are virtually indestructible.

Ideal for Hard or Soft Ground

As long as the surface area is level you can place this gazebo on either hard or soft ground.  For hard ground, you can drill it into decking or concrete which provides total stability.

For soft ground, such as grass, you can use the anchor pegs to push through the holes in the feet.

Mesh Screen & Curtains

The mesh screen and curtains are both on separate runners, meaning you can use both at the same time.

The mesh screen provides protection against bugs.  This means you can hang lights inside without attracting every creature that lives.

The curtains are ideal for privacy and also to keep the drafts out as your party continues into the night

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Runcton Hard Top Gazebo with Privacy Curtains

runcton polycarbonate gazebo with sides

You get a private, enclosed space with these curtains

This 3m x 3m Runcton polycarbonate gazebo is perfect if you’re looking for some privacy whilst relaxing or dining outdoors.

The curtains are perfect should you decide to place a hot tub inside and can be closed for complete privacy and stop them, nosey neighbours, from peeping.

At the top of the gazebo, you will find polycarbonate roofing that allows a sufficient amount of light through whilst blocking out most of those harmful UV rays.

The panels ensure this gazebo is 100% waterproof which means you can make use of it all year round, regardless of the weather.

Each footplate provides a large base to improve its stability and make it very sturdy in strong winds, whilst the mesh screen will keep out the bugs and the curtains keep the drafts out.

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Privacy Curtains

Without a doubt, this is one of our favourite features.  It provides you with the privacy you need if your garden is surrounded by overlooking houses so those pesky neighbours can’t ruin your evening.

It also provides a really cosy, relaxing ambiance inside once all the curtains have been drawn.  This is what makes it ideal if you’re looking for something to go around your hot tub.

Translucent Roof

The roof panels are polycarbonate which is extremely durable, very strong which is ideal for snow load and provide protection from harmful UV rays.

With the translucent design, it also ensures that it’s never too bright under the canopy and makes it the ideal environment to kick back and have an afternoon nap.

Elegant Design

The almond brown curtains hang delicately around giving it a really elegant look and can be zipped together for full privacy.

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Glendale Gazebo with Curtains & Solid Roof

The white will match your window frames

This Glendale polycarbonate gazebo has a white roof and very stylish looking petrol blue curtains with an inner mesh to prevent bugs.

This Glendale gazebo is sturdy enough to be left outdoors all year round and the curtains can be detached if necessary.

Removing the curtains before winter will protect them from any potential damage from strong winds and help to keep them free from stains and dirt.

This product is relatively easy to build but it will require the help of a couple of friends due to the fact that the supporting beams and polycarbonate panels are quite heavy.

If you’re looking for a bright gazebo with lots of character, then look no further.

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White Polycarbonate Roof

Usually, you can expect a dark roof but with this gazebo, it’s a beautiful white.  Having this colour makes a vast difference, it really brightens up your garden but it may need hosing down in spring to remove leaves and bird muck.

Curtains with built-in mesh netting

Whether you use them or not, I have always had a huge preference for purchasing a hardtop gazebo with curtains.

This is due to the fact that you can choose to not use them if you wish, whereas, if you don’t have them then you don’t have that choice.

Having them means that you can make your special event more private by closing the curtains whilst keeping the bugs out.

Aluminium Frame

Frames tend to be steel but with this product they’re aluminium.  Aluminium is ideal as it’s lightweight yet durable and tends to be more rustproof than steel.

Fixable Feet

You can fix the feet to the ground which will give it more stability on windier days.

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My name is Shaun Bird and I've been writing about and reviewing outdoor products (mainly tents and gazebos) for over 4 years now. If you're looking for advice before you buy then read my posts or contact me via the about us page.