Pergola Kits for Patios, Ponds, Hot Tubs & Garden Corners

family garden pergola

In case you want to upgrade your patio garden, you should consider purchasing a pergola.

They not only offer shelter and shade, but they also ensure a beautiful decoration as they can be covered by climbing plants.

Some people prefer to use this for decorative purposes and some to cover a walkway.

Even though they don’t have a solid roof, it can be used for a chill-out area.

In case you want to use the outdoor area for relaxing or cooking, you will find a pergola practical as it can establish walls and boundaries.

Thus, you will feel protected against the beaming sun or summer rain.

In a rush? – Here are 5 Pergola Kits For Sale on Amazon

Check out the latest prices of the 5 recommended Pergola kits for your garden.

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Best Pergola Brands with Specs & Sizes

Image Brand Dimensions Weight Buy
VidaXL 195cm x 195cm x 195cm Bamboo
Festnight 256cm x 256cm x 225cm Pinewood
Rutland County 420cm x 240cm x 420cm Scandinavian Redwood
Arbor Garden Solutions 300cm x 300cm x 182cm Scandinavian Redwood
Forest Garden 275cm x 275cm x 249cm Pressure Treated Timber

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VidaXL Bamboo Pergola Review Ideal to Cover Hot Tubs & Ponds

natural bamboo pergola

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In case you’re looking for a decorative pergola, you should consider this model.

This product measures 195 (L) x 195 (W) x 195 (H) cm.

Therefore, it’s suitable for gardens with limited space, patio, or walkways.

You will be thoroughly pleased to know that you can easily install it by yourself as all of the required equipment is included and the instructions have been made very clear and written by professionals.

Thus, you will be provided with pictures and detailed steps.

It’s important to mention that people have not only used it for personal reasons, but many people have also used it as a spot of shade for ponds.

Therefore, it’s multi-purpose.

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Material – This model has been crafted from natural Bamboo which means that it can handle any type of climbing plants or flowers.  Hence, you can use flowers such as roses and plants such as vine leaves.

As mentioned in the buying guide, this material is durable and it doesn’t require thorough maintenance.

Accessories – All of the accessories included come at no extra price. This means that you don’t have to invest further. The screws are galvanized steel which means that they will maintain quality throughout the years regardless of the weather.

In addition to this, you do not need the help of a professional to set it up as you have everything you need for a fast and easy assembling.

  • Sturdy design can handle severe weather conditions
  • Easy to assemble by beginners
  • It doesn’t require thorough maintenance
  • Natural bamboo

  • Limited warranty period
  • Bamboo can be uneven

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Festnight Corner Pergola Review with Trellis for Flowers & Climbers

Wooden corner pergola

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This is the model that you should consider if you’re looking for privacy and to add a modern touch to your garden.

It has been crafted from pinewood which means that it has a sturdy design regardless of the weather.

Thus, it can withstand high winds or heavy rain.

In addition to this, the wood has been treated against rot so you can use it in a high humidity environment.

It measures 256 (W) x 256 (D) x 225 (H) cm which means that you can use it for medium to large-sized gardens.

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Shape – The unique shape will change the look of your garden instantly. It has a fun-shaped roof that you can easily decorate with a cover or plants so you can change the style from season to season. It also has 4 fence panels and 2 sides so you can create a relaxing space without prying eyes.

Trellis – This model has been designed with trellis on the side panels and fences which means that you can add climbing flowers with ease. The trellis act as a durable base which means that you don’t have to worry about the decorations even in high winds or tough weather conditions.

  • The material is smooth so it can be painted
  • Suitable for medium to large-sized gardens
  • The pinewood is weather-resistant

  • Customer service could be improved
  • Requires a bit of force to build

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Rutland County Garden Patio Pergola with Rustic Brown & Sculptured Rafters

traditional timber pergola

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If you’re after a durable pergola, this is another model that you should consider.

The manufacturers are known worldwide for durable products and this pergola doesn’t disappoint.

It has a rustic brown painting which means that it has a classic yet elegant design.

Each redwood corner posts have been created with a central notch which means that it can withstand any type of weather and it can also be considered heavy-duty.

In fact, the pergola is pressure-treated which means that it will ensure superior stability.

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Design – The rafters are notched at each end in order to provide excellent alignment. Unlike the other models, the look of this model is much more attractive as no metal can be seen. Therefore, its stable and strong construction is ensured by the thick 6” x 2” timbers.

Posts – Another excellent feature of this product is the fact that the posts are up to 2.7 meters long. Thus, you will have the freedom to install this pergola regardless of the ground. You can cut down the posts up to 2.3 meters for a free-standing design or keep the posts in its original size to install it on a concrete floor.

  • Numerous accessories included at no extra cost
  • It has a heavy-duty construction
  • It’s made out of reliable redwood

  • You cannot add additional posts

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GMS Timber Pergola Review | XL Wooden Pergola with Extra Strong Timber

traditional wood pergola

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This is another model that you can install regardless of the floor you have available, it’s heavy-duty and has been designed with a central notch on either side of the posts.

It comes with posts up to 2.7 meters and you can also cut them down up to 2.3m.

It has a natural wood colour which means that it can add a classic touch to your garden.

It also has 4” x 4” legs in order to provide stability and durability.

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Customer Service – You will be thoroughly pleased with the excellent seller communication. In fact, the company has a team of experts always available to deal with any concerns or questions you may have.

Accessories – This is another model that comes with all of the installation equipment needed. Nonetheless, inside of the package, you will find spare bolts and screws which means that you don’t have to worry if you’re a beginner.

  • Informative user manual provided
  • The material is weather-resistant
  • Quick delivery

  • Limited warranty period

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Forest Radial Pergola Review with Pressure Treated Timber & Strong Lines

wooden radial pergola

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In case you’re looking for innovative design, this is the right model for you.

You will be thoroughly pleased to know that you can fit in a garden corner so it doesn’t matter what size garden you have.

The 90-degrees radial pergola will provide a shaded corner so you can easily decorate it with any type of climbing plants or flowers.

The model measures 275 (W) x 275 (D) x 249 (H) cm and the posts have a thickness of 90mm x 90mm.

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Certified – This model has been constructed from Forest Stewardship Council Approved Timber (FSC) which means that you can purchase in confidence. The model is guaranteed to last for many years maintaining the same high quality.

Versatile – You will be able to decorate it however you wish. For example, if you create a natural cover made out of climbing plants and flowers, you can create an outdoor cooking area. The wood has been pressure-treated which means that it can handle a large number of decorations.

  • The wood is smooth so it can be painted over
  • It doesn’t require thorough maintenance
  • Easy to assemble for beginners

  • Ground fixing tools are not included

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Best Pergolas – Buyers Guide


Wood – There’s no hiding the fact that when it comes to wooden pergolas, they are a popular choice among customers all over the world. It has a natural appearance which means that it will help those who are looking to use it for decoration. Mostly, this product is crafted from treated pine and exotic woods such as faux acacia. You don’t have to worry about durability as this material is heat-treated so it won’t develop rotting even if it’s exposed to high humidity.

Iron – If you’re looking for elegance, you should consider a pergola made with iron stands. This type of material will allow you to install it to a wall or into a solid foundation. If the weather is unpredictable, we do recommend that you use rust-proof protection.

Tip: Iron-made pergola can be also used as an extension to your house.

Steel – If you’re looking for a material that doesn’t require thorough maintenance, you should consider a pergola made from steel. It’s sleek and it also has a low-profile. Thus, more attention could be paid to the climbing plants or to the decorations used. The material will maintain high quality throughout the years without you needing to do thorough maintenance.

Aluminium – This material is tough and resistant but it’s also lightweight. Therefore, you can easily install it by yourself. Aluminium is known worldwide that it doesn’t develop corrosion regardless of the weather that it’s exposed to.


Japanese – If you want this type of style, you must consider a pergola made out of wood. It will give you the perfect excuse to relax outside as you can create an ideal place right in your garden. Most commonly, these are generously sized which means that it’s perfect for all types of gardens and walkways. As well as, you can easily decorate the roof to make it personalized.

Cottage – In most cases, people go for the pergolas that have an odd shape. Thus, you should look for hexagonal or round models. Furthermore, the best material would be iron. The elegance given by this material can be easily complemented by hanging baskets, honeysuckle, and roses. Whatever you choose, is up to you. The material can resist a lot of pressure and weight.

Modern – Whatever modern means is up to debate, therefore a lot of people prefer the pergolas that have a square or rectangular shape. If you prefer modern over old-school, you should look for the pergolas that are made from steel or aluminium. Also, you should consider adding a cover to hide the stands.

Benefits of Pergolas

Shade – As you know, sun rays can be harmful to humans and pets. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing sunscreen or if you’re covered, the UVA and UVB rays will affect your skin. If you want to relax or use the outdoors, it’s essential to have a pergola. Even if you don’t decorate it with flowers, you can add a cover made from textiles and you will still be offered shade. Without the help of this product, you will find it difficult to relax in your garden.

It’s also difficult to eat outdoors during the hot summer days. If you add an outdoors misting fan inside of the pergola, you will probably spend more days outdoors rather than indoors. What’s good about summer if you cannot enjoy it?

Privacy – Sometimes you will want a little more privacy from your neighbours and without the help of a pergola, it will be difficult to achieve this. Depending on what style you choose, you will find that you can easily get privacy and you can also adjust it from time to time. By using drapes, covers, and screens, you can change the look of the pergola each year. Therefore, it will look like you have a new style each season.

Home Value – If you want to sell your home, you will be advised by professionals to use tricks such as a pergola. Even though you can purchase it at an affordable price, you will notice that it can add thousands of pounds. Hence, you can consider this item an investment as you will receive more than double of the price you pay for such product. After all, adding a weather-proof spot in your living space will add an appeal to potential buyers.

Help Plants – If you care about the environment, you can use a pergola to give a helping hand to plants. Use plants such as ivy, vines, or any type of climbing flowers and watch your garden transform. Without the help of a pergola, such plants cannot be maintained properly and they will most likely grow out of control. If you’re looking for low-maintenance plants you should consider plants such as wisteria and clematis.

How do Pergolas work?

Basically, they block out some of the sunlight to provide a slight shade for you and your guests.

They do this, usually, by having a crisscross roof design that gives an ample amount of shade.

It’s fantastic when the UV rating is really high and you need that extra protection from the sun.

The roof of a pergola is supported by outer beams, holding up the main roof, this will usually be 4 beams but it can go up depending on how big your pergola is.

By having this design, they are not made to completely block out the sun, only to provide relief and to allow for a great flow of air to pass through easily.

You’ll be surprised how well they actually manage to keep the area cooler.

How much do pergolas cost?

Well, this is quite varied but you can expect to pay around £100 – £400 for a regular model.

It’s definitely something you can set as a DIY project as it’s just multiple pieces of wood arranged in a certain way.

So with that in mind, you could easily pay less than £100 to create your own.

If, like me, you don’t think you have the time or patience to create something so elegant then you can pick up a lower end model for around £100.

Opting for the cheaper options usually come with a few limitations, the size of the pergola will probably be rather small and may not cover the area you need so make sure you measure up properly beforehand.

Also, I’ve always found that the cheaper options tend to be a bit rickety.

Pro Tip: If you’ve ended up going with a cheaper model and you’ve found that it’s not as sturdy as you hoped, don’t panic. Simply dig a hole around 1-2ft deep for each foot, place it in, and you’ll find the structure will improve significantly.

Where did pergolas originate?

This is something that’s disputed among many historians and the true origin can’t really be pinned down.

Egyptians seem to be the most common answer, with Romans falling in a close second.

The reason most tend to gravitate towards Egyptians is the fact that the oldest surviving garden plan was in Egypt, and it featured a pergola.

Obviously in these ancient times it was only the rich and powerful that had the luxury of owning one. Many were used simply for their aesthetic appeal to give the gardens some character.

However, there is a practical use for them.

Egyptians and Romans had a common use, growing grapes and other vines. This was mainly to produce wine, what a great idea! I’ll see what the wife thinks to us making full use of our pergola…

Chinese people on the other hand, used them as living spaces.

So, are pergolas worth it…


Without a shadow of a doubt, my family has made full use of it during the summer and it’s been absolutely fantastic.

We’ve hosted many BBQ’s with friends and family over, it’s just the perfect cover for hot summer days.

It’s ideal when being stood (or sat) in one place for a long period of time, like when cooking on a BBQ.

Plus they aren’t even very expensive, especially when you consider that they will last for years to come, or that you can quite easily build your own from scratch.

My name is Shaun Bird and I've been writing about and reviewing outdoor products (mainly tents and gazebos) for over 4 years now. If you're looking for advice before you buy then read my posts or contact me via the about us page.