Wood & Plastic Children’s Playhouses with Reviews

Some kids can become bored very quickly when they feel they have nothing to do, whilst others can keep themselves occupied even with the simplest things.

Kids Playhouses for Indoors and Outdoors

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However, if your kids are anything like mine then they’ll like to get out in the fresh air and play in the garden, so what better than to buy a playhouse for your youngster to play in.

Understandably, money may be tight and kids playhouses aren’t cheap but if you have the money then it’s well worth buying.

Children’s playhouses are great at keeping kids busy, occupied, can help them become more independent, responsible and help develop skills that they wouldn’t discover inside whilst playing on their Xbox or PlayStation etc.

If you’re still undecided whether to buy a wooden or plastic playhouse then check out our top 6 below.

In a Rush? – 6 Outdoor Kids Playhouses for Sale on Amazon

Here are our 6 top choices that are available in different sizes, materials and suitable for leaving outdoors.

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Best Kids Playhouse Brands Including Features & Sizes

Kids love having fun outdoors so take a look at one of these playhouse features, then read our reviews.

Image Brand Material Dimensions Weight Buy
MochToys Plastic 1.27 x 1.9 x 1.18 m 21kg
Smoby Plastic 2.6 x 1.6 x 1.97 m 40kg
Smoby Plastic 2.17 x 1.55 x 1.72 m 34.5kg
Little Tikes Plastic 1.19 x 1.19 x 1.29 m 20kg
Big Game Hunters Wood 1.8 x 1.2 x 1.83 m N/A
Big Game Hunters Wood 1.26 x 1 x 0.95 m N/A

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Kids Plastic Playhouse with Windows & Fence for +1-Year-Old

This brightly coloured green and yellow kids playhouse is very appealing to the eye and will keep your toddler and child amused for hours upon end, especially with the bright red roof too.

Plastic Kids Playhouse for Boy or Girl

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There is plenty of room for your young child to play inside and you can even invite a friend for him or her to play with inside.

This kids house has added benefit that the plastic is also UV-resistant which means it will help protect your child against sunburn whilst playing.

However, even with UV protection, I recommend you still use sunblock on your child whilst spending time outdoors.

This private little play area can help your youngster develop a real sense of pride when it comes to looking after their belongings.

This often results in them looking after and respecting other expensive and even inexpensive items they own.

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Pros and cons

  • Easy to assemble
  • No sharp corners or edges
  • Stable construction
  • Made from good quality plastic
  • Bright, attention-catching colours
  • The door has a mailbox for letters
  • Ideal for Indoors or Outdoors

  • Not suitable for under 1 year
  • Not all windows have panels


Fenced area

Not only does this playhouse have plenty of room inside, but your child can also walk through another door straight outside into a plastic fenced area.

This area is not wide enough to place a table, however, it gives you youngster some room to roam in case of being inside is a little too much for long periods.  There are also stickers that can be attached to the outside wall.

No dangerous parts

One of the most reassuring aspects of buying a plastic playhouse is that the parts are smooth and not dangerous.  For example, to assemble the parts either fit together or have plastic bolts to connect sections together.

Luckily, as this product is NOT made from wood there are no nails, screws or tacks used in assembly.

Soft or hard surface use

You can use this product indoors, outdoors, on hard and soft surfaces which makes it a very versatile product.  Ideally, it’s best to keep it indoors during bad weather or in the shed.

However, I’d personally keep it indoors if you have the room then your child or children can play inside it all year round.

Bright colours help children

Bright colours have been proven to help children learn and help to activate their senses, especially primary colours such as red, yellow, blue and sometimes green.

Therefore, this playhouse has 3 of those colours to keep your child amused and stimulated.

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Smoby Kids Playhouse on Stilts with Slide and Ladder Review

As you can see, this amazing looking playhouse on stilts is very stylish and looks like lots of fun and hours of entertainment.

Smoby Kids Playhouse on Stilts with Slide | Strong and Durable Wendy House, Suitable for Outdoor and Garden Use

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This particular children’s playhouse consists of a slide, a ladder to enter the raised top section of the playhouse section where it has 1 door, lots of different shaped windows and a balcony.

This product is recommended for 2-year-olds and upwards and the main reason for that is because the playhouse is raised in the air.

Your child will need to have a decent amount of balance and be more than capable unaided on their feet to prevent accidents and tumbles.

It can take 2/3 hours to assemble, it isn’t difficult and can be made much easier by laying each piece separately and spaced out in the area your working.

Older children can play on this at the same time but total weight must not exceed 50kgs.  The average weight of 2 x 5 year old children is approximately 17-20kg’s each as a rough guide.

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Pros and cons

  • Good quality plastic
  • Durable & will last for years
  • Ideal for ages 2-8 years
  • Fun & decorative features

  • Can leak when raining


Well known brand

Smoby is very well known and respected in the children’s outdoor toy and play area niche.  The next review is also a product we recommend from Smoby, a german brand but manufactured in France.

Raised off the ground

This playhouse not only looks more like a treehouse as it’s on stilts but as it’s raised off the ground it also helps to prevent discolouration of the lower parts of the plastic sections.

Being in the air also prevents water from entering at ground level during times of heavy rain and can help prevent snails and slugs from making it their home and keep it more hygienic.

Anti-UV protection

The plastic has UV-protection which means the colour is much less likely to fade and ensures that the colours remain attractive and intact.

Bright colours, as mentioned above can help vibrant children relax and become calmer, which seems counterintuitive but is proven with a number of studies.

Strong & Stable Frame

This playhouse is made from good quality blow moulded sidewalls and injected facades and together they provide a very stable and secure environment for your child to play in and around.

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Smoby Playhouse with Kitchen & Seated Picnic Area Review

This Smoby playhouse really does appear to have everything for your boy or girl and can provide them with a real sense of independence.

Smoby Kids Playhouse and Kitchen | Quick & Easy to Assemble Wendy House, Made from Durable & Weatherproof Anti-Uv Plastic

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Kids at a young age can learn quickly and purchasing this product can help them to pick up basic skills such as tidying up, respecting things more and help develop their creativity too.

Before you know it, I’m pretty sure you child will be sneaking food from your cupboards and attempting to sell it back to you just as I did and I bet you did when you were younger, remember those days?

Although, there are lots of section to put together, using the instruction manual and asking a couple of friends or family to give you a hand you’ll have it built in a matter of no time at all.

This playhouse is suitable for up to 4 small children at a time.

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Pros and cons

  • Very Sturdy when Built
  • Lots of Accessories included
  • Will last for years
  • Straightforward to build
  • Good quality plastic
  • Bright colours benefit children
  • 1 Year of manufacture warranty

  • Not appropriate for ages under 3
  • Adult supervision recommended


Seating Area

One of the best parts of this playhouse is the seating area. It gives your children the ideal place to sit down with some food (or pretend food that they’ve just made in the attached kitchen!) and have a moment to relax in a safe environment.

This is attached to the outside of the playhouse so you’re able to keep an eye on them as they use it.

Breakfast Bar

On the other side of it is a breakfast bar, this gives your children the ideal space to get creative in their makeshift kitchen. Complete with a sink, cutlery, stew pot, 2 glasses and 2 fake sausages to play with. Perhaps this will ignite their passion for cooking, maybe they’ll grow up to become the next Gordon Ramsay?

Anti-Uv Plastic

It’s made from weatherproof and UV resistant plastic so it will last for years to come. The structure of this house is really high quality and has a durable feel to it.

Secret Passageway

On one side of it is a secret passageway, this helps boost your children’s imagination when it comes to playing in here. It naturally opens up the door to various games for kids to play, such as hide and seek.

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Little Tikes Build a House Review with Customisable Panels

This build-a-house by Little Tikes is perfect if you’ve got a creative child on your hands, or if they’re a big fan of Bob the builder!

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Children’s minds develop quickly and they learn so much as they go along, that’s why this Little Tykes playhouse is one of the best choices out there to let them be creative whilst solving problems such as fitting the screws in (child-friendly way of course).

Each panel can be swapped for a different one but don’t worry as won’t collapse if a panel is removed.

The frame itself is separate to the panels so there’s nothing to worry about in that aspect.

This plastic playhouse is really simple to put together and to make it more interesting they’ve provided a child-friendly “power drill” and screwdriver.

Even these small accessories can make a huge difference to your child and help him or her feel much more involved in the assembly and lets them feel as though they’re really helping.

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Pros and cons

  • Sturdy Frame
  • Children’s Power Drill Included
  • Customizable
  • Realistic Doors
  • High-Quality Plastic
  • Weatherproof

  • Suitable for Children Over 3
  • Adult supervision advised



The greatest feature by far is the customization of this playhouse. It allows your children to really express themselves and adds another element of fun to their new house.

To customize it, there’s a “power” drill and screwdriver that can be used by your child.

If you’re worried about the house collapsing, then don’t. The panels that can be changed are attached around the frame itself so the structure of the house is not affected.

Trap Screws

Allowing your child to screw in the customizable panels might give you a little anxiety about losing the screws in your garden.

Little Tikes have thought about every aspect of this product and it has screws that get trapped in the panel, so it makes it very difficult to lose them.

Realistic Doors

Saloon style doors come with this, they swing open and closed making it easy for your child to enter and exit the house. It makes a nice change from the regular style of the door and also adds a nice element with it being self-closing.


The plastic is weatherproof and can be left out all year round. It will last for a long time to come, giving you great value for perhaps more than one child over the years to come.

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Big Game Hunters Crooked Pre-Painted Wooden Playhouse

This is really up there when it comes to playhouses, it’s like having a home away from home for your children.

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It’s definitely on the larger side, hence the “Crooked Mansion” name, with the apex even reaching a height of 6 foot so you could probably get inside it yourself if you’re feeling adventurous!

Everything is pre-painted and the doors/windows are already in place so there’s little to do in terms of putting it together. Making it quick and easy for you.

The paint has been deeply stained into the wood to help protect it against weathering, meaning it will last for years to come.

Whilst the wood itself is 3cm thick Fir, so it will stand up well in most weather conditions and is very durable.

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Pros and cons

  • Wooden
  • Magnetic Door
  • Huge Space
  • Pre Painted
  • Ridge and Groove Panels

  • No Base


Soft Close Magnets

One small feature that really makes a difference is the soft closing magnets.

You’ll find these on all the doors and windows, making it easy for your children to close everything without trapping their fingers or causing damage.

Flower Pots

On two sides of the playhouse, there are two wooden boxes attached. These are flower boxes and can even be used with real flowers.

This adds a really nice effect to the playhouse and helps it blend into your garden and not look obtrusive.

It also allows your child to get “real life” experience by taking care of their own plants, obviously, it’s best if you supervise them whilst carrying out tasks around this.

Pre-Stained Wood

The wood is pre-coated with a deep penetrating stain to protect it throughout the various seasons. This helps add to the longevity of the playhouse.

As it’s pre-stained it also takes the effort of having to paint it yourself out of the equation. So your children can be out playing in it as soon as it’s up and ready.

Curved Edges

All the edges on this crooked mansion have been smoothed out and curved so there shouldn’t be any splinters or sharp corners.

By doing this, they take away a lot of potential hazards that you often find with playhouses. Especially when you consider the fact that your children will probably be running around it and playing in it for long periods of time.

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Big Game Hunters Evermeadow Wooden Playhouse With Floor

If you’re after a playhouse that has a floor to give some protection for your child’s feet then this is the one.

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Another bonus with this playhouse is the plain wood, it gives you a blank canvas to get as creative as you like. Plus you could even let your children decorate it themselves under your supervision.

There are 2 windows and they’re both glazed with child-safe materials that let plenty of light in but block out the unwanted wind/rain.

Also, the roof has a thin, transparent perspex strip to prevent any water from coming inside when it rains.

Whilst the wood itself is 3cm thick Fir, so it will stand up well in most weather conditions and is very durable.

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Pros and cons

  • Wooden
  • Blank Canvas
  • Child Friendly Windows
  • Rain Proof Roof
  • Fir Wood Panels
  • Flooring

  • Looks like a shed (painting sorts this!)


Child Safe Windows

The windows on most playhouses are open, whereas these are glazed.

With this, it provides the added benefits of blocking out the elements such as wind and rain. Making it a much safer and comfortable space for your children to play in.

Another bonus about these windows is that they are made in a child-safe manner so there will be no problems whilst they are playing.

Door Handles

There’s both internal and external door handles, this allows your children to easily enter and exit the playhouse without feeling trapped.

Rain Proof Roof

Atop the roof is a thin, transparent perspex strip that prevents rainwater from coming through into the playhouse.

Combined with the windows, it gives your children a safe space to play outside even when there is some light shower outside.

Wood Floor

One feature that really stands out with this playhouse is the floor.

Too often, companies forget to include one of these and your children end up sitting on grass/concrete which isn’t ideal when the weather hasn’t been great in the previous days.

Having the floor keeps everything away from the ground below, meaning they will stay clean and safe inside the playhouse.

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