Waterproof & Windproof Pop up Gazebos

If you need to buy a strong popup gazebo for the garden, camping or a special event, choosing a decent one can be tricky.  To host a successful event or party there can be no compromise on quality or cost.

Don’t worry, we’ve made choosing so much easier…

In a rush?  Then view our 6 favourites below & just select your size

Best Pop up Gazebos – Quick View

Brand Size Colours Strong Waterproof Sides/Windows Buy Now
All Seasons 2x2m 6 Yes Yes Yes
Airwave 3.5m 5 Yes Yes Yes
Maximus 3x3m 4 Yes Yes Yes
All Seasons 6x3m 14 Yes Yes Yes
All Seasons 3x3m 14 Yes Yes Yes
Vonhaus 3x3m 2 Yes Yes No


These reviews are all researched by Shaun Bird our resident gazebo expert. Please feel free to browse the site and should need further help please use the contact form.

All Seasons Heavy Duty Pop up 3x3m for Garden use

All Seasons 2x2m gazebo

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This All Seasons pop up gazebo is strong, sturdy and will keep you and your guests dry.

You have the choice of 6 different colours, such as; royal blue, red, green, navy blue, beige or white.

You can take it on holiday, camping or use it for a car boot sale for some extra cover.

At 2x2m, this gazebo is ideal for those of you that need to buy a decent but fast building canopy.

The sides provide plenty of privacy and can be tied back to let fresh air inside.

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Airwave Hexagonal Gazebo with 6 Side Panels

Hexagonal gazebo with 6 sides and fully waterproof

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This Hexagon pop up gazebo shape isn’t quite as common as the square or rectangle gazebo models.

Owners of it are generally surprised how much stronger it is due to the shape and the 6 supporting legs.

These 6 sided hexagonal gazebos are a tad more expensive due to having more parts.
Also, the 6 legs rather than 4 adds more strength, support, and stability to the sides and roof section.

Airwave is known for providing affordable gazebos whilst maintaining quality and strength.

There are 5 different colours, so why not try an alternative shape, you will not be disappointed…

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Maximus Fully Waterproof Pop up Gazebo with Sides

Maximus Gazebo 3x3m with sides and very strong

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This strong Maximus 3x3m pop up gazebo is an instant shelter that is quick to set up and has lots of possible uses.

At 3x3m it can accommodate seated or standing guests along with room for a patio table with chairs.

Many buyers also use this product to cover their hot tubs.

You can remove the sides completely or tie them back should you need to as they’re only attached with velcro.

You can also use as many sides as you wish, whether you decide to use 1 full wall or 1 windowed side, it’s completely up to you.

In the case of wet grass or to hide the hard ground you can buy groundsheets to go on the floor.

This gazebo is also used as a ‘Market Stall’ which shows you how strong and robust this product is.

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All Seasons Gazebo 6x3m | Best Large Pop up Gazebo

All Seasons 3x6m Pop up gazebo that's waterproof and extremely strong

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We couldn’t go without adding a large pop up gazebo to our list of best gazebos to buy in 2020.

This heavy-duty and sturdy 3×6 gazebo by All seasons (again) is ideal for those of you hosting large events.

It’s also peace of mind knowing that your product is more than up to the job.

As with most pop-ups, this one is also a concertina gazebo where all you do is get a friend to help you stretch the frame out.

Attach the roof and sides, extend the legs and you’re ready to go.

The manufacturer states that you can have it erect in 1 minute, I’d say more like a couple of minutes.

It’s their way of saying ‘it’s simple to build’.

For customer reviews and more product information visit Amazon below.

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All Seasons 3x3m | Best Gazebo for Camping

All Seasons 3x3m Gazebo in 12 different colours

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To be honest, I could list every All seasons gazebo in this top rated 7.

They are a manufacturer that produces high-quality gazebos and at a sensible price.

At 260g per square metre, the fabric of the canopy is one of the highest quality and heaviest duty that you can buy.

The good level of waterproofing will ensure that your event will stay dry.

It will last for many years and with leg weights and a storage bag with wheels included, what more could you ask for?

Like most gazebos, you can remove or add the doors and walls as you wish.

As you can see in the picture the walls meet the floor with extra overhang to help you keep drafts out.

This premium product comes with a warranty and a handy care guide to help you get plenty of use out of this product.

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See full review here

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Vonhaus Gazebo Canopy  3×3

Vonhaus Gazebo

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This Vonhaus 3x3m is a decent pop-up canopy that is quick to build and creates a very waterproof shelter.

Be careful of how much wind you expose a gazebo too…

This product is very sturdy with its steel frame, leg weights, and guy ropes and is stronger than most.

Take a look at what you will receive below should you decide to buy this Vonhaus gazebo.

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Pop up Gazebo Buying Guide by Shaun Bird

Are you keen on buying a great pop up gazebo?

I’m asking because few people get this far down the page, so I doff my cap to you.

Let me explain the basics, then you’ll see how knowledgable I am about gazebos and how sad I am too…

What is a Pop up Gazebo?

A pop up gazebo is an outdoor shelter that you keep folded away and then pop into shape when required for use.

It consists of a concertina frame that you stretch out to build and then snaps into position. (It requires very little effort to build)

You then place the canopy on top of the frame and pull of the legs to the correct height setting. (Can have several height settings)

Now you’re ready to go.

They will often come with lots of accessories such as;

  • Weight bags
  • Tent Pegs
  • Guy Ropes
  • Carrying bag
  • Side panels

some will also have wind bars that connect in the roof section to add further strength.

So, what are gazebos good for?

Pop up gazebos are easy to transport which means they can be used for a wide variety of events, such as;

  • Camping
  • Commercial use
  • Garden use
  • Car boot sales
  • School events
  • Political campaigns
  • Market Stall
  • Beach use
  • Covering Hot tubs
  • Ideal for picnics
  • Concerts
  • Christenings & Weddings

and lots more…

Do I need to go on?

What’s the best gazebo for camping?

If you need a gazebo for camping then I want to make it clear that you should not be sleeping in it.

Camping gazebos are perfect for leisure time, having meals or to store belongings.

A suitable camping gazebo would have a waterproof canopy and side panels.

The canopy will keep you dry and will provide protection from UV rays.

The panels are ideal for when the temperatures drop a bit and also adds some extra privacy.

The premium pop up gazebo we recommend has leg weights, rollable carrying bag, guy ropes, and tent pegs.

Another tip that may not be quite as obvious to everyone else is that you should always choose a dark colour.

Your preferred option should be black, navy blue, green or even royal blue when camping as it hides the dirt.

Where can I get a cover for a hot tub?

Another popular question I get asked is, what is the best cover for a hot tub?

You need to measure the diameter of your hot tub.

I’ll use the measurements of one of the larger Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs and the diameter of that 4-6 person spa is 2 metres wide.
I would recommend a 3x3m popup gazebo that has sides as you’ll want privacy or at least have the option for privacy.

The canopy should be waterproof and have a strong frame as the last thing you’ll want is it to collapse.

(In front or top of your guests, how embarrassing…)

I’d go for this slightly larger 3.5m Airwave hexagon gazebo if you have the room for it.

Are there any cheap options that are any good?

When it comes to pop up gazebos there are very few that are poor quality.

You will find with cheaper gazebos that some consumers will expect a £40 pop up to be as good as £300 premium version.

That is a non-starter…

The reason that the £300 model is around that price is that the frame is robust and durable.

The material of the canopy is heavy duty and has a PE coating that gives it a good level of waterproofing.

It will also come with lots of accessories and be much more sturdy.

A cheap pop up gazebo will have a weaker frame and the canopy may only be water-resistant or showerproof.

It may not include sides and could have a very basic set of accessories.

If you need a more reliable option then check out these lower-priced gazebos that we have reviewed.

I love writing about home and garden products but especially love the spring to summer months...