Best Gazebo Weights (Bags & Water Weights)

10kg weight

Best Gazebo Weights Below

If you intend on using your pop up canopy to its full potential then there’s a good chance you’ll need a good set of heavy duty gazebo weights.

The recommended weights below will add extra strength and stability to the frame and legs of your pop up canopy.

Contrary to what most people believe, weights alone will not stop your pop up gazebo from lifting up in the air when it’s windy.

Yes, some weights are designed to solely anchor your shelter to the ground but the majority of the time the guy ropes act as the main anchors and the gazebo weights actually helps the legs to not shift side from to side.

Best Gazebo Weights – Quick View

In a rush and no time to read our reviews then check out the 2 products below on Amazon for yourself.

Brand Type Quantity Weight Provided
All Seasons Bags 4 up to 40kg
Airwave Containers 4 up to 48kg

All Seasons Leg Weight Bags | Best Anchor Bags & Easy to Use

This set of 4 all seasons leg weight bags are our preferred choice for many reasons which you’ll read about below.

Weight bags to attach to the legs of your gazebo to help anchor it down and add strength

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First of all, they are very easy to fill.

You simply wrap the velcro strap around the legs and then fill the bags with your preferred heavy objects such as; soil, rocks, sand or see our expert tip below.

With some sets of weights, the bag itself wraps around the frame leg, however, this can cause problems when you have a gazebo with sides as it’s not possible to pull the side panel over the weight bag.

This is one of the reasons why this set of bags is recommended as the bag sits inside the gazebo and the outer part of the side panel just slips over the velcro… EASY!

Also, it doesn’t matter whether you have rounded or square legs because you just tighten the velcro straps securely around the frame legs and that’s it, oh and fill with water or sand…  Simple

Pros and cons

  • Can add upto 40kg in weight to help stabilise
  • Can be used on square or round legs
  • Ideal for gazebos with or without sides
  • Realistically priced
  • Heavy duty material bag

  • Better if velcro straps were black instead of white as shows up when dirty

Expert Tip!!

These weight bags are extremely versatile as they can be filled with many different objects to add extra weight however, here’s the cleanest way to fill the bags…

Step 1 – 2 Litre Coke Bottles

Do you have children that like fizzy pop?

Then I’m sure you’ll have some 2 litre coca cola bottles or other flavours around the home. Maybe you don’t, then ask a friend to save them for you.

Step 2 – What to do with them?

Once you have 4 empty pop bottles you need to save them until you next need to use your gazebo, whether it’s going on a holiday or a special occasion on your garden.

Step 3 – How to use them?

I’m sure the minute I mentioned the pop bottles then you knew what we were going to suggest but if you haven’t here’s what you’re going to do.

Set up your gazebo as you normally would, finally wrap the bags around the frame legs and then go and fill the 2 litre bottles with water and place 1 in each empty bag.

This will add approximately 2kg per bag, although we have heard of people using 4 litre pop bottles with 1 in each pocket, this would then add a total of 16kg to help stabilise the shelter.

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Airwave Plastic Leg Weights | Just Fill Up With Water

Plastic legs weights that screw around the frame legs of a pop up gazebo

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Airwave is a very popular brand in the gazebo industry and this particular set of airwave leg weights can be used on any of their pop up gazebos as well as the entire range of party tents too.

These particular weights are clamped around the frame legs and have screws that can easily be tightened with your fingers.

To fill them up you can use sand or water to add weight.

Personally, I would use water to fill them up as it can be tipped away after use rather than carrying 4 heavy weights full of sand.

When filled with water it will add an extra 8kg to each leg weight or should you decide to use sand then you can expect 12kg per leg weight.

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