What is the best Colour Gazebo to Buy?

Deciding which colour gazebo to buy is quite an easy decision to make. 

gazebo colour chart

You must decide which type of events you plan on using it for as different colour gazebos are suited to different kinds of events or activities.

For example, you wouldn’t buy a white gazebo to take camping as it would look awful should it get dirty.  For camping, people tend to go for darker colours like green, blue or black to help hide any dirt it may get on it.

Take a look at this guide below which will help you understand better which colour to buy for your event and why you should choose that shade.

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Gazebo Colour Buying Guide

White – Christenings, weddings, family get-togethers, corporate parties, hot tubs, cocktail parties

Green – Camping, Garden gazebo, commercial use, hot tubs, pond cover, vehicle storage, BBQ’s

Brown – Beach use, Multi-use

Blue – Wedding, Children’s Play area, Fun Gazebo, Market Stall, Camping, Craft Fairs, vehicle storage

Black – Camping, Funeral wake, Garden use, vehicle storage

Red – Garden use, hot tubs, relaxing, adventure, festivals, celebration events, children’s play area, Summer fun

Yellow – Summer use, spring festival, music festival, picnics etc.

There are lots more colours but these are the more regularly bought colours.

So, instead of getting yourself into a dilemma of what color to choose, you now know that gazebo tent colours have their own individual functional purposes?

It’s not always about choosing your favourite colour, it’s about choosing the correct colour according to the purpose of the event as mentioned above.


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