Best Cantilever Parasols for Garden & Patio Area

Costway 3m

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In 2019 the cantilever parasol really took off (not literally), therefore, there’s a good chance that they’ll be all the rage during the spring to summer months of 2020 too.

However, to ensure you buy the best cantilever parasol for your money or one that won’t let you down, then you’ll need to know what makes a decent one.

Firstly, you must ensure that you have a solid base in which the parasol will stand to ensure stability and sturdiness.

Secondly, although this product will generally be used in pleasant weather conditions you will still need it to be at least water-resistant or even fully waterproof, as well as providing a level of UV protection.

Finally, the frame must be powder coated to provide rust resistance and increase durability, which will also increase the lifespan of the use of the parasol.  Here are our top choices below with reviews.

In a Rush? – Here are 4 Cantilever Parasols for Sale on Amazon

Here are our 4 preferred choices of the cantilever parasol which are available in different shapes, sizes, colours and are suitable for various types of events.

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Best Cantilever Parasol Brands with Sizes & Weight

We’ve chosen these Cantilever parasols based on the different sizes, reputable manufacturers and wood type.

Image Brand Dimensions Weight Buy
Alice’s Garden 3x4m 28kg
Costway 2.7m 12kg
Charles Bentley H2.4 x L3.2 x W3 m 12kg
Casart 3m diameter, 2.45m height 13.5kg

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Alice’s Garden Saint Jean de Luz Cantilever Parasol

This fully rotational, rectangular cantilever parasol will look good in any area of your garden or patio, just give it a flat surface to sit on and you’ll have a perfect cover through those rainy summer days.

Alice's garden beige cantilever parasol

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It offers a 360-degree rotating base with 3 different tilt positions, giving you the ultimate control and providing the right cover for your needs.

The frames aluminium so it’s lightweight yet durable, meaning you can easily move it around your garden.

8 aluminium spokes hold the canopy in place, providing the support you need when there’s a breeze in the air, keeping you protected. Assisting with stability is a dual-layer canopy.

Having dual layers like this allows the wind to blow straight through and will meet little resistance, stopping the parasol from tipping over. It’s great for the UK as we all know the weather can change in a moment.

A nice weighty canopy, 240g/m², giving you fantastic protection from UV rays and rainfall. It makes a really relaxing sound when the rain lands on it. Another bonus about the canopy is that it’s made from polyester that has been treated to repel water.

The only flaw with this product is that you’ll have to buy the base separately.

Pros and cons

  • 360 degree rotation
  • Treated polyester
  • Blocks UV rays
  • Large 3x4m canopy
  • 3 adjustable angles
  • Simple to setup

  • Need to buy a base

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Costway 2.7m Outdoor Banana Parasol Hanging Umbrella

This easy to adjust outdoor parasol will look great on any patio, grass or hard surface and can make spending time outdoors during the summer plenty of fun, dry and protected from UV rays.

Costway 2.7m

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It has 8 steel ribs that are fixed into the canopy section and during breezier offer a very good level of protection and ensure that the integrity of the umbrella is kept intact.

These 8 rods that offer extra strength in the canopy section also help to maintain the shape of the umbrella section and should it begin to rain the water will just runoff.

The fabric is 180g which is more than enough to protect you and your event from light rain to a short downpour.

There are 4 great colours to choose from but check out the features below first.


Pros and cons

  • Easy to put together
  • Good quality
  • Great at blocking out sun
  • Covers large area
  • Strong & sturdy
  • Ideal for hot tub cover

  • Apply wd40 when building for the first time

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Charles Bentley 3M Hanging Banana Parasol (Handle Operated)

If you’re after something to cover your BBQ then this is the perfect one. It features a huge 3m canopy that will easily give the protection the chef will need whilst cooking.

bentley garden parasol

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It’s very easy to open and close as you simply just rotate the crank, this will move the ropes that are situated inside the actual pole itself.

There’s no need to worry about not liking the colour as you’re spoilt for choice with this product, it’s got 7 colours to choose from.

It features 6 support ribs on the underside of the canopy, allowing it to retain its shape for years to come and to also help prevent it being damaged by strong winds.

Another great benefit when there are support ribs on the underside is the flex they allow.

Should any objects land on top of the canopy, for example, if you have children throwing balls around nearby, then you’ll be glad to hear that it will retain its shape and the ball will simply bounce off.

Setting it up is easy, it weighs just 12kg which is quite light. On the flip side though, the lightweight means you’ll probably need to invest in some extra weights to keep it in place if you know strong winds are expected.

When I was visiting my local hardware store, B&Q, I found they also stocked this cantilever parasol but it was much more expensive than on Amazon and I’m glad I found it online beforehand.

Pros and cons

  • Powder Coated Steel
  • Lightweight
  • Provides Shade
  • Big 3m canopy
  • Water resistant
  • Staightforward setup

  • Doesn’t tilt

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CASART 3m Banana Cantilever with Built-In Solar LED Lights

This cantilever is like no other, it features solar LED lights, so it will provide you with the perfect ambience for those drawn-out summer nights.

cantilever parasol with lights

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There are so many uses you can get out of this, it really is ideal for any type of event. You can use it to cover things such as hot tubs, balconies, BBQ’s, patios or you could even use it outside your business.

Steel ribs support the canopy, there’s 8 in total, they are sturdy and provide a strong structure for it. You’ll feel comfortable being sat under it with this in mind.

It creates a really magical atmosphere when the lights are on in the night.

Best of all, they are solar powered so you’ll be happy knowing that there’s no environmental impact of having these running. Also allowing you to not worry about having to replace the batteries.

It’s available in 4 different colours but my personal favourite is the burgundy as it looks really elegant in any garden, especially once the lights get going.

A simple design, you will have no issues opening and closing the parasol as its a handle crank.

Setting it up is also a breeze, there’s clear assembly instructions inside the box and take you through the process step by step (you could probably figure it out anyway as it’s that simple).

Pros and cons

  • Solar LED Lights
  • Lightweight
  • Multi use
  • Steel ribs
  • Water resistant
  • Simple instructions
  • Robust handle crank

  • Needs extra weights

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