Best Adirondack Wooden Chair Reviews (Fir, Acacia & Pine )

Plant Theatre White Adirondack Chair

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If you’re looking for a really comfortable chair to relax in or to add character to your garden then an Adirondack chair is a great choice.

The chair at first didn’t have a name as Thomas Lee, the creator, was just designing and building furniture for his family’s use.

However, the chairs were greatly welcomed by friends and family and after its local success, he introduced the design to his friend, Harry Bunnell.

Harry Bunnell, a carpenter by trade and unbeknown to Lee, then patented the design and renamed the chair as the ‘Westport Chair’ and made a good living for the next 25 years.

The chair has had lots of different names such as; Cottage chair, Muskoka chair, Laurentian, Westport plank chair and of course, the Adirondack chair.

The 4 chairs below have been selected based primarily on their style, comfort and build quality.

In a Rush? – Here are 4 Adirondack Chairs for Sale on Amazon

Here are our 4 preferred choices of Adirondack chairs which are available in different shapes, sizes, colours.

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Best Adirondack Chair Brands with Sizes & Wood Type

We’ve chosen these Adirondack chairs based on the different sizes, reputable manufacturers and wood type.

Image Brand Wood Dimensions Weight Buy
Trueshopping Adirondack Bowland Rocking Chair With Cushion Trueshopping Chinese Pine 79m x 92m x 99 cm 16kg
Plant Theatre White Adirondack Chair Plant Theatre Acacia 91 x 73 x 90cm 14kg
Woodisde Rocking Adirondack Chair Woodside China Fir 92 x 79 x 90cm 12kg
Deuba Adirondack Wooden Lounger Deuba Acacia 84 x 69 x 94cm

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Trueshopping Adirondack Garden Rocking Chair Review

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Trueshopping Bowland Adirondack Rocking Chair With CushionThis Bowland Adirondack chair by Trueshopping is a popular choice amongst those of you who are looking for a comfortable rocking chair to spend time relaxing in your garden.

The removable, luxury cushion provides you with extra comfort to take the edge off sitting on the hardwood.

It’s crafted from Chinese Pine and has the natural wood finish you should expect from a quality Adirondack, all for a reasonable price.

Chinese pine also benefits from being a renewable source which means it is replaced naturally and helps conserve the environment.

Working with pine is also easier for furniture manufacturers to work with as it can be shaped easier than other woods and can resist shrinking and swelling in different temperatures and humidities.  This can definitely improve the longevity of pine furniture products.

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Pros and Cons

  • Made to Fit Luxury Cushion
  • Rocking Chair
  • Natural Wood Finish
  • Wide Armrests
  • Great Character
  • Comfortable

  • Instructions not the clearest (still pretty simple to build)


Good Quality

Trueshopping is well known for its quality garden products and this rocking chair certainly lives up to their reputation.

The wood is Chinese Pine with a natural finish which gives it a real bit of character.  However, with the natural finish, it also offers the bonus that you can easily paint it a different colour if you want to freshen up your garden.

Wide Armrests

The armrests are wider than your average garden chair, making them more comfortable for the vast majority of people.

With the maximum width reaching 560mm, it can even double up as a platform to rest your drink on – be careful not to knock it off though!

Luxury Cushion

Provided with the chair is a luxury cushion that’s made to measure for the chair and fits perfectly.

It’s made from 100% polyester and has gone through a total of 4 treatments to help protect it from water, stains, oil and to make it fulfil the requirements for the BS 5852 (British Standard for Fire Retardent materials).

To qualify for this, it must undergo a series of tests that involve trying to ignite the product in different ways to ensure it adheres to the strict safety standards.

The cushion also has a colour fastness rating of between 4 and 5, this is on a scale of 1 – 5 so it’s up there with the best and you shouldn’t expect any colour loss for a while.


Obviously, with the rocking feature you need a chair to be sturdy, this one certainly provides an appropriate base for this.

By designing the chair with a low centre of gravity, it helps prevent it from toppling but obviously you still need to make sure you’re not treating it like a children’s see-saw.

It weighs 16kg (17kg if you include the cushion) to keep it grounded all year round, weight is essential for outdoor products that are intended to be left out.

Here’s a video of what you can expect with the rocking:

Adirondack Chair Rocking

The rocking motion is a great way to unwind in your garden as it releases endorphins in your brain that make can improve your mood and help reduce stress

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Plant Theatre Folding Adirondack Chair Review

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Plant Theatre Adirondack Folding Wooden ChairThis folding Adirondack chair is ideal if you are someone who is wanting a chair that can be easily packed away when you’re not using it.

It’s one of the most comfortable, with a gently sloped seat to give you extra comfort and to fit the natural curvature of your body.

Built from sustainable Acacia hardwood, it shows that Plant Theatre is taking steps to do their part in tackling climate change.

Acacia hardwood has additional benefits, it’s naturally resistant to insects and wood-destroying mould.

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Pros and Cons

  • Sustainable Acacia Hardwood
  • Curved Seat
  • Wide Fanned Back
  • Wide Armrests
  • Smooth Finish
  • Folds Away Easy

  • Some screwholes not drilled through properly (easy fix)


Sustainable Wood

The chair is made from sustainable Acacia Hardwood, which is a positive step towards tackling climate change.

Acacia wood has a variety of benefits in addition to sustainability, such as the natural resistance it has against mould and insects such as woodlice.

It’s also one of the cheapest woods available, but don’t let that deter you as it’s actually the toughest wood that grows in central Europe.

Another benefit is that it is naturally resistant to water and moisture, which helps with the mould protection – plus it’s treated for outdoor use.

Smooth White Finish

The white finish makes a statement in your garden, adding a real element of class and style.

But, this has also been done to a high standard as it’s smooth all over, meaning it makes the armrests more comfortable by taking away the ridges you usually get with wood.

However, be careful when placing drinks on the arms as the finish takes away some of the grip, but you’ll be fine if you’re careful.

Folds Away

It’s really quick and easy to pack away this chair, this is done by simply folding it down and then using the attached locking pegs to keep it in place.

Folding chairs allow you to save space when you’re planning on using your garden for another reason other than relaxing.

Another reason manufacturers add this feature to their products is so that you are able to easily put it in your shed/garage over the winter to protect it from the more extreme weather.

This one specifically folds away slim, allowing you to lean it against a wall just to get it out of the way temporarily.

Ergonomic Design

The actual design is built with your comfort in mind, with a gently sloped wide-seat that allows you to sink in and really wind down for the evening.

Having this curved design causes your legs to be raised slightly higher than your lower back, this comes with multiple health benefits such as helping relieve tired leg muscles.

Sitting in this position will also give your central nervous system time to recharge, as it has a calming effect on it.

With this angle, it provides an ideal place to relax and think as raising your legs has also been shown to relax the mind by allowing your body to feel supported and taking pressure away from your feet.

The back of the chair is a large, fanned design and this provides support for your whole back.


As it’s made from Acacia wood, it’s durable and can comfortably seat guests that are around 20 stone (~127kg).

Thanks to the design, it has a low centre of gravity so even with heavier guests it’s highly unlikely to topple.

However, this does bring issues as the seat is quite low, larger guests may find it a little difficult to get up out of the chair but not impossible.

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Woodside Rocking Adirondack Chair Review

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This is a rocking chair that’s suitable for those of you who are after a chair with a natural finish, it gives you the opportunity to style it how you want.

It’s made from China Fir Wood, this is a durable wood that’s classified as highly decay-resistant.

Alongside that, it also has a natural resistance against insects and is quite often used in the construction of housing.

Chinese Fir (Conifer) is often chosen by manufacturers as it’s a malleable wood that’s easily worked, it’s also been used in the construction of bridges – a testament to its strength and durability.

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Pros and Cons

  • Natural Finish
  • Sunken Seat
  • Wide Back
  • Wide Arms
  • Chinese Fir
  • Gentle Rocking Motion

  • None, for the price it’s incredible


Gentle Rocking

This chair has gentle rocking with a wide, long base that helps prevent tipping.

The base creates a low centre of gravity which essentially means that it will require much more force to topple it over, but don’t go crazy as it’s not a toy.

There are many benefits to having a rocking chair, the motion itself has a very calming effect on your central nervous system so it provides the perfect place to sit down and relax, gather your thoughts.

Mainly this is achieved through the release of endorphins that rocking motions naturally cause, this is also why you often see people rocking a baby slowly to help them sleep.

With that in mind, this chair is ideal for those of you with a newborn on the way – create yourself a beautiful escape in your back garden.

Natural Finish Chinese Fir

A natural finish allows you to style the chair to your preference, whether that be with varnish or wood paint to match your other garden decor.

Having this flexibility gives you the opportunity to redesign your garden whenever you please without the need for buying all new furniture.

Varnishing naturally finished chairs gives them an elegant look, this one available on Amazon is a great choice.

To ensure you apply the coat well, make sure you undertake the task in a well-ventilated environment but somewhere that has a stable temperature – preferably somewhere between 21c to 26c.

If the temperature was to breach this range, there’s a high chance that the varnish will begin to bubble.

Whilst applying the coat, ensure that you do long, even strokes along the grain of the wood.

On the other hand, though, it’s perfectly fine on itself as this type of wood is one of the most resilient.

It naturally deters insects and has natural protection against rot and moisture, hence why it is so commonly used in outdoor furniture and other things such as houses and bridges.

Easy Setup

This chair comes flat packed with clear instructions, it doesn’t take long at all to set up.

Each of the pieces comes with pre-drilled holes so all that’s left to do is line them up and put the screws in.

Sometimes when furniture is flat packed you might find that the holes are not quite drilled all the way through, if that’s the case then you have a few options.

The first potential fix is to just screw the pieces together as normal and this can push through the remaining bit of wood.

Another option is to get a power-drill and go through the affected holes until you can see through them – be careful when following this method as you need to ensure that you do not increase the hole size as the screws will not fit, rendering your furniture useless.

Finally, if all else fails you can let the manufacturer know and then request the replacement parts that you need.


It’s designed in a way that naturally elevates your legs, as the seat is curved, this is proven to be a relaxing position to rest in and will encourage the release of endorphins in your brain to really help you relax.

The backrest has a slight curvature to it also and is angled in a way that really helps take any pressure off your back.

In addition to this, the armrests are wide allowing your arms to rest comfortably but this also can double up as a place to hold your drinks or books.

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Deuba Adirondack Folding Sun Lounger Review

This chair by Deuba is ideal for those looking for something that’s space-saving and can easily be packed away.

It’s one of the cheaper options for Adirondack chairs but that doesn’t reflect the quality.

This is crafted from Acacia hardwood, so it’s suitable for use both indoors and out.

Acacia hardwood is a very durable type of wood, it’s naturally resistant to moisture and insects.

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Pros and Cons

  • Durable Acacia Hardwood
  • Rounded Armrests
  • Folding
  • Varnished
  • Ergonomic Position

  • Some screws require a little effort to get in


Ergonomic Position

The chair has been designed ergonomically, this essentially means that it has been designed with your comfort in mind.

Ergonomic furniture is popular in offices as it generally provides better support for your back, making it a more health-conscious product.

The seat itself has a curved edge, this avoids the blood flow in your legs being constricted as it sometimes does with regular chairs.

Having the seat angled in such a way that your legs are higher than your bottom takes the strain away from your feet, making it ideal after a long day of walking around.

By keeping your legs in an elevated position, this has been proven to help you naturally relax by promoting drainage of excess fluid build-up, allowing blood to naturally flow back towards the heart.

Space Saving

This chair has latches to allow it to fold away easily when you’re not using it.

Folding chairs are beneficial if you don’t want it sitting in your garden or on your patio all year round, it also has the added advantage of allowing you to protect it from the elements quickly if there’s a sudden change in weather.

Rounded Armrests

The edges on the arms have been smoothed down, this has a similar effect to the curved seat as it prevents your blood flow from being constricted by the edges of the chair.

These arms are also wide, making them more comfortable for the average person – those on the smaller side will still have the extra space to store a drink or book.

Having wider arms allows you to keep objects elevated from the floor, ideal if there’s a pet running amock!

Varnished Finish

Varnish has been used to seal the wood and give it a glowing sheen to really add a touch of class to the design.

With this staining, it sits well in most gardens.

Varnishing wood binds the surface to help prevent it splitting – this is key to preventing hairline cracks and it achieves this by absorbing surface damage, so all you would need to do is revarnish it to repair the scratches provided they are not too deep.

Adding this layer is also like wearing a waterproof coat, it adds a layer of protection to help put a stop to moisture being transferred from the surrounding air and into the wood itself.

As the chair is made from acacia wood, it already has its own natural protection from moisture but the varnish just takes it to the next level.

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