Your Guide to a Successful BBQ – Guests will LOVE it.

Is it even summer if you don’t have a BBQ in the UK? – Any chance we get, the BBQ is straight out and fired up!

Us Brits just dream of that summer heat, long evenings, family and friends by our side and the smell of burgers in the air – of course, followed by that inevitable burning smell when Dad has a few too many beers…

The first port of call to hosting the best BBQ event is the grill itself, more often than not people tend to opt for the disposable version due to it being so cheap and convenient.

Whilst this isn’t a terrible thing, if you invest in a decent model then it will reward you endlessly.

Gas bbq outdoorsI’ve never looked back since investing in a proper gas BBQ, it allows you to control the temperature much better and my model even features a temperature gauge for when the lid is closed.

Having this gauge gave me the insight I needed to ensure my burgers were cooked throughout.

It helps in keeping them juicy as you aren’t relying on a naked flame; this tends to dry them out.

Sometimes though, I do end up missing that distinct flavour the charcoal provides……

Anyway, back to business, hopefully, you’ve taken my advice and invested in a high-quality BBQ.

Now you’ve got that bit sorted, you’ll need some sort of cover.

When hosting an event like this, our go-to is always a Pergola, it just provides the right amount of protection.

You tend to find that whoever’s the chef of the night will usually be the one with the worst sunburn!

Obviously, they should wear protection, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll be too eager to get out in the sun that it’ll completely slip your mind.

WARNING: Sunburn is not a joke, ensure you stay protected throughout the summer as you can end up seriously ill.

But with this type of cover, it will provide an ample amount of shade to keep the area slightly cooler and help stop the UV rays from attacking your skin.

That’s two of the main points covered, now it’s time for the most important part to ensure you event is a huge hit with the family.


You need to get a wide variety to cater for everyone, in my family I’ve got many people who stick to various diets.
Vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian to name a few.

So ensuring I have the right selection available for everyone always proves to be a challenge.

Pro tip: Ensure you cook vegan/vegetarian products on a separate shelf to the meat (this is where premium BBQ’s come in handy).

Typically, I’d make a trip to my local butcher the day before and pick out the best selections of beef burgers and they tend to make delicious kebabs that are very easy to cook.

Also, kebabs are easy to make at home, all you need to do is cut up a few different bits of meat and vegetables into small square shapes and stick them onto a skewer, make some without meat for your vegetarian guests.

Recently there’s been a lot of hype around the beyond meat burgers, and surprisingly, they’re bloody lovely.

I was quite shocked when I tried one a few weeks back, it’s so similar to a regular burger that if you didn’t tell whoever was eating it, they probably wouldn’t notice.

Which gave me the idea, I’ll serve them up to a few of our meat-loving guests this summer and see if they notice the difference…. I doubt it!

To be honest, when I tried it, I didn’t use my BBQ as it’s still pretty chilly at the moment.

I simply grilled it on my pan at home, but I just can’t wait to give it a go this summer.

The final port of call, the drink station.

Absolutely vital to keeping the adults entertained and the children refreshed.

You need to ensure you have a nice table area that’s stocked with a good selection, just make sure you keep the alcohol out of reach from the children.

I’ve made the mistake before and trust me, the wife never lets me forget about it.

Anyway, there’s a wide selection that I usually aim to get to help please everyone but here are just a few examples:

drinks in a ice bucket• Squash/Cordial
• Water (for the health conscious)
• John Smiths Beer
• Russian Standard Vodka
• Diet Coke
• 7-UP
• Fanta
• Plus many others


I hope you enjoyed my summer BBQ survival guide, hopefully, it will give you the event you are hoping for.

My name is Shaun Bird and I've been writing about and reviewing outdoor products (mainly tents and gazebos) for over 4 years now. If you're looking for advice before you buy then read my posts or contact me via the about us page.