Airwave Hexagon 3.5m Gazebo

Airwave hexagonal gazeboThis 3.5m hexagonal-shaped gazebo by Airwave is fast becoming more and more popular and for lots of reasons.

The hexagon shape ensures that this popup gazebo is much stronger than the more common square gazebo as there are more supporting sides, as well as having more struts in the roof section.

There are a few colours to choose and I’m sure this unique style will really impress your friends and guests, as it just looks classier and elegant than the regular square gazebos.

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Package includes

Delivery Box

When you order your hexagonal gazebo from Amazon you will receive;

  • Waterproof Gazebo
  • 6 Side Panels ( 2 with Zip doors & 4 with windows)
  • Steel frame with push-button connectors
  • Pegs & Guy Ropes
  • Instruction manual
  • Carry Bag



Here’s exactly what I believe are the best features of this product, see what you think…

Waterproof canopy roof

The waterproof canopy on this gazebo is made from 190g PU (Polyurethane) coated soft touch polyester.

The PU coating of 190g is regularly used to waterproof tent and camping equipment.

You can be assured that it will keep you dry and you’ll also be getting a good quality material that’s soft to the touch and also visually appealing.

Side Panels

As you can see in the image at the top of this page this gazebo comes with 6 sides which includes 2 doorways and 4 sidewalls that have church style windows.  The 2 doors both have full-length zippers.

This gazebo has the front door removed just so you can see how spacious this gazebo is inside.

Steel frame

With the gazebo having six sides it, therefore, has more supporting legs than a regular square gazebo.steel frame with screw feet

The 6 legs also have screw feet which you can easily screw into decking or patio.

This offers great protection against the wind by making it much stronger and sturdier.

The frame also has push-button connectors to adjust the height.

Pegs & guy ropes

Pegs and guy ropes are an important feature and should be included with every popup gazebo on the market.

These 2 vital components ensure that your gazebo doesn’t turn into a kite when the winds pick up and add great strength and stability to the frame and roof section.

** Please note**

To further strengthen your gazebo you can buy a set of gazebo weights to help anchor it to the ground but please be aware that you’ll need 6 and most firms sell them in sets of 2 or 4.

Gazebo weights provide much more strength and obviously help to weigh down your gazebo

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There are 5 colours to choose from including

  1. White
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Black
  5. Beige

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Here’s a short video to show you what you gazebo looks like when built

Airwave Hexagon 3.5m Gazebo
Airwave Hexagon 3.5m Gazebo

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