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Airwave Gazebo 3x3m Canopy Only (No Walls)

Airwave 3x3m pop up gazebo without sides

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This Airwave gazebo 3x3m is another frequently purchased canopy from the ECS Ltd collection.

This water-resistant canopy is perfect at protecting you from light rain.

It will also shade you from the sun’s harmful rays during the hot summer weather.

It’s simple to build, it’s a matter of popping out the frame, attaching the canopy and then extending out the frame.

Yes, it’s that easy to build it!

Package Includes

Should you decide that this is for you, then this is what you’ll receive.

Delivery Box

  • 3x3m Steel Concertina Frame
  • Water-Resistant Fabric
  • Peg & Guy Ropes
  • Carry Bag
  • Instructions

You will receive everything you need to build the product in the image above.


Pros and cons

Here’s my quick, personal and honest opinion of the pros and cons.

  • Ideal for party use
  • Weighs just 15kg
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Water-Resistant

  • Not great when windy


Here’s what I think are the best features, see what you think…

Simple to Build

What’s better than a quick to build shelter that you can easily transport to your chosen location and it literally takes 1 minute to erect.

As mentioned above, you just have to take it out of the included carry bag, place the waterproof roof on the top of the frame, then extend the concertina frame outwards and extend the legs.

It’s also very easy to take down.

Lower the legs, close the frame inwards and then this time you can actually leave the top attached if you want to.

It is recommended to leave the canopy attached just because it makes building it even quicker next time and can prevent you from losing it too.


The water-resistant material is a strong, well-made fabric that ensures you are protected against frequent showers or constant light rain.  It may struggle though in heavy downpours.

Over time, after exposure to bright sunlight and wet weather, the level of waterproofing may deteriorate eventually.

This happens to every type of waterproof and water-resistant fabric, so don’t be alarmed.

Check out this waterproof spray that you can apply to the fabric

Protects against UV rays

The UV resistant material will protect you and your family from harmful ultra-violet rays.

However, UV rays are everywhere and you will still need to buy sunblock to offer that ‘all-round’ protection rather than rely on the sun protection factor of the canopy.

Sturdy Frame

Whilst this is a lower-priced than most, it is still quite sturdy once it is built.  When you first handle it, it feels quite flimsy but once it’s erected and has the REQUIRED guy ropes, leg weights, and tent pegs in use to add further stability then you’re good to go.

REQUIRED = You must use the included parts (guy ropes, pegs, and leg weights) for additional strength as not using them will potentially break your new gazebo on the first use, should the wind pick up.

Heavy-duty Carry Bag

Not every type of instant canopy comes with a carrying bag included.  It’s not until you buy a canopy without a carry bag that you’ll realise just how important they are.

Multi-Surface Use

This can be used on a wide variety of surfaces.  This includes decking, patio, grass, block paving, concrete, tarmac plus many other types.

When using on a soft surface, please ensure you use all the strengthening aids that are provided, like the pegs, guy ropes, and weights.

If you encounter a hard surface then it will be difficult to use the stakes in the ground.  In this case, try and find an area where you can tie the guy ropes around a solid structure such as fence posts, etc.

Please ensure they you do not create a dangerous environment by stretching the guy ropes in a busy area.

Airwave Gazebo 3x3m Canopy Only (No Walls)
Airwave Gazebo 3x3m Canopy Only (No Walls)

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