Gazebo Accessories: The Best Products with Reviews

Spring is here and you’re thinking of using your pop up or wooden gazebo but you’ve got problems…

Maybe you’ve found that…

  • Mice have been nibbling your gazebo canopy
  • Your precious hanging lights have been damaged
  • The carry bag has ripped

or maybe you just want to be better prepared and want to buy a heater to keep you warmer or anchor weights to stop your pop up from blowing away

Well you can find them all below. (click the contents bar below for quicker navigation)

Gazebo Lights | Best Lighting Ideas for you gazebo

wooden gazebo with amazing lights

So summer has come around again.

You’re setting up your brand new gazebo or blowing the cobwebs off your old one ready for those warm summer nights…

Even though the days are longer, we just can’t get enough of these nights in the UK and we just love sitting out
whilst it’s warm.

We definitely know how to make the most of the great weather in the summer months.

The last thing you want is your night to end earlier than you want due to insufficient lighting, that’s where gazebo lights come in to save the party!

You might not have a fixture like the one in the picture but these lights work well with all types of gazebos.

Lights Colours Style Waterproof Mains Score Review
BRIMAX weatherproof garden light1. BRIMAX Outdoor String Lights Warm white String ✔️ ✔️ ★★★★★ View
2. USTELAR LED RGB Floodlight 14 Standing ✔️ ✔️ ★★★★★ View
Ciracr solar string lights3. Criacr Solar String Lights Warm white String ✔️ ★★★★★ View

BRIMAX Hanging String Lights – Weatherproof & Waterproof

outdoor string lightsQuality lights will not hurt your pocket too much.

These are also a one time purchase as they are so durable and you can leave them out in almost any weather condition, saving you money in the long term rather than repeatedly buying cheaper alternatives.

You’ll be happy to hear that they also have a low energy consumption, operating at a rate of just 2 watts with low heat output to help conserve energy.

That gives you peace of mind on your energy bills whilst also being proud of the minimal environmental impact they have.


  • Huge 48ft (14.6m) Cable – This gives you the flexibility to easily surround your canopy and also assists with hanging them up as the extra length makes it easy to wrap around the support beams on your gazebo.
  • UK Standard plug – Many on the market are made with EU/US plugs but this comes already with a UK plug.
  • Female end to allow extension – Great if the massive length already isn’t enough for you. This also allows you to reach your mains plug socket if it’s not nearby as you can just attach the Brimax 3m extension lead.
  • Low energy consumption – Perfect for forgetting the worries of your energy bill as this will have minimal impact on your pocket.
  • Comforting warm white colour – We found this to be one of the best perks, it produced a wonderfully warm, relaxing glow around our canopy. It’s perfect for those romantic evenings with your loved one.
  • IP65 Waterproofing – Tested under water jets for at least 15 minutes during the manufacturing process makes this suitable for any heavy rain. Just ensure they don’t get submerged in water (unlikely anyway if they are hanging).
  • Weatherproof – A fantastic design to give you peace of mind if you happen to leave it out during bad weather. They work in temperatures ranging from -20c to 40c, and I don’t think we will be experiencing weather even close to that in the UK any time soon! We did happen to try them out in our freezer (a little silly I know but we was curious!) just as a test and they worked perfectly.

USTELLAR LED RGB Floodlights – Best Waterproof LED Floodlight

If you’re after something to cover all your needs then this is definitely for you.

The best part about this standing light is being able to use it across a huge variety of occasions.

During the summer seasons it can give you a warm, soft light that can be adjusted to your liking. But once it’s over and winter is on the horizon, it works perfectly as a christmas light.

The customisation on this really makes it one of the best lights available on the market.

You can get it at 3 different power levels: 15W, 60W, 100W but 15W is plenty to light up your gazebo, any more and you need to make sure you use it a fair distance away or ensure it’s not pointing directly at your guests.


  • 16 Colours – With this wide range of colours it makes it suitable for all seasons and it’s ideal for events like halloween and christmas.
  • UK plug – This comes with a UK plug already attached.
  • Waterproof – Tested against powerful jets, this one will be sure to survive through harsh weather conditions. For a product to achieve this rating it needs to endure a 100 litres of water being blasted at it for at least a duration of 3 minutes.
  • Versatile – Great for all environments, you can mount this on the wall should you wish, with ease. We simply had it placed on the ground and that worked perfectly for our needs.
  • Portable – We was able to move this around with ease, that’s a great benefit to standing lights as you don’t need to attach them to anything unlike string lights that need to be hung around your gazebo.
  • Remote Control – A feature often missed out from gazebo lights, you don’t realise how handy it is until you need to change your lights. We found this particularly useful for controlling the ambience at family BBQ’s towards the latter stages of the nights due to the dimmable options provided on the control. It’s also great as you can easily turn it off from a distance.
  • Various Modes – 4 different settings help you create the perfect lighting for your event. Flash and Strobe are two different settings (although we found flash to be a little harsh on our eyes) that are great for spontaneous dances when the night is coming to an end. The other two settings are fade and smooth, perfect if you want the colours to alternate gently throughout the night.
  • Safety – Reducing fire hazards is very important through the dry summer seasons. Technology in this qualified aluminium case helps dissipate the heat into the surrounding air and helps prolong the life of the light whilst also reducing the risk of it overheating. The glass is tempered so you don’t have to worry about dropping things on it accidentally.
  • Low Energy Rating – A+ rating for energy consumption, keeping the bills low!


CRIACR Solar String Lights | Best Solar powered hanging lights

No bills and no effort! What a surprise it was when we began testing out this product.

We were so hesitant to even bother trying these due to the very low price, coupled with the fact it’s powered by light so we didn’t expect much. But there were many happy customers with this light, so we gave it a go.

When we first ordered this product we thought it wouldn’t live up to the hype as solar powered lights tend to barely be able to light up a cupboard but this was definitely not the case here.

They provided a beautiful, calm ambience that twinkled through the night. That’s because there’s two settings available, “steady” and “twinkling”.

Another fantastic benefit to these is that once you’ve placed them wherever you want, you never have to think about them again.

They are completely automatic, they get power straight from sun light and then automatically turn on when it’s dusk.

Just make sure you turn them on before you let them start charging as this can damage the battery.


  • Automatic – This stood out most for us, the lights come on at the perfect time and you never have to go and manually turn them on.
  • Solar Power – Another great aspect, no increases on your energy bills and it’s totally self sufficient.
  • Cheap – We were so surprised how good these lights actually are because the price is so low.
  • Length – 10m was plenty for our airwave gazebo
  • Modes – The twinkle effect looks amazing and it really provides a relaxing ambience for your guests, it really did make the night quite magical.
  • Various Modes – 4 different settings help you create the perfect lighting for your event. Flash and Strobe are two different settings (although we found flash to be a little harsh on our eyes) that are great for spontaneous dances when the night is coming to an end. The other two settings are fade and smooth, perfect if you want the colours to alternate gently throughout the night.
  • Water resistant – Essential for these lights as they are supposed to be left outside all the time so they can charge.
  • Copper Wires – This was both beneficial and a potential disaste, yes they allow for a lot of flexibility and they are easy to shape however you like. But, and it’s a big but, they felt like they were easy to snap. We checked if anyone else had noticed this problem and a few customers had already snapped their wires accidentally.

Gazebo lights – Buyer’s guide

Lighting for your gazebo is an absolute necessity in those summer months when the nights are warm.

If you’re wanting to keep your event well lit throughout then you need to know what features you should be looking for.

We’ve taken the time to find what we consider to be the most frequent facts people forget to consider when buying these.

Does your outdoor shelter have suitable hanging areas for lights?

You want to be looking for any sort of hole or fixture that you can attach the light or string to, the MCC@Home 2×2 Pop up gazebo is a great example of a good frame that allows you to hang them up easily around the border of the canopy.

However simple this may seem, many people overlook this and end up having to find a way around hanging them up.

Usually you can resort to just simply using tape, preferably duct tape as this will have plenty of strength to keep your lights secure.

You must ensure that you don’t cover the lights at all as this is a huge fire hazard, it will stop them from being able to keep cool and the last thing you want is your canopy to be alight.

Hanging or standing lights?

There’s two styles of lights you can choose from, standing or hanging.

Both types have their perks and drawbacks but it depends on what result you’re after.

  • lights up a large area
  • can position them anywhere
  • very flexible
  • Do not take up floorspace

  • Requires hanging
  • Can be quite dim

  • Usually bright
  • Easy to setup
  • Directional light

  • Requires floorspace
  • Bulky/Heavy

How bright do you want your lights to be?

Ambience is key to holding a great night time event. Making your guests feel comfortable is partly down to keeping the lighting appropriate.

That’s right, just by hanging a set of lights you can add some cozy atmosphere to your gazebo, consider fitting some garden string lights to add a subtle glow of colour.

There’s plenty of different lights available and some even come with a dimmer switch so you can set as you like.

Fairy lights tend to be ideal for setting a relaxed atmosphere as they provide the perfect amount of light to make you feel relaxed.

If you’re hosting a summer party then of course your gazebo would not be complete without a disco light!

These can come with regular lighting options too, making them multi functional.

Do you have access to electricity?

The most vital point when considering which lights to purchase is electricity, again, often overlooked.

Battery/solar powered gazebo lights are always an option if you have no access to the mains power, these are ideal if your event is in the middle of a field or somewhere slightly more remote.

With the long days in summer, the solar option tends to be pretty reliable and you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries in the middle of your event.

Gazebo Weights: Plastic Leg Weights & Anchor Bags

10kg weight

If you intend on using your pop up canopy to its full potential then there’s a good chance you’ll need a good set of gazebo weights to add strength and stability to the frame and legs.

Contrary to what most people believe, gazebo weights alone will not stop your shelter from lifting up in the air when its windy.

Yes, some weights are designed to solely anchor your shelter to the ground but the majority of the time the guy ropes act as the main anchors and the weights actually help the legs not to shift side to side.

Brand Type Quantity WEight Provided
All Seasons Bags 4 up to 40kg
Airwave Containers 4 up to 48kg

All Seasons Leg Weight Bags | Best Anchor Bags & Easy to Use

Weight bags to attach to the legs of your gazebo to help anchor it down and add strength

Click Image to View on Amazon

This set of 4 all seasons leg weight bags are our preferred choice for many reasons which you’ll read about below.

First of all, they are very easy to fill.

You simply wrap the velcro strap around the legs and then fill the bags with your preferred heavy objects such as; soil, rocks, sand or see our expert tip below.

With some sets of weights the bag itself wraps around the frame leg, however, this can cause problems when you have a gazebo with sides as it’s not possible to pull the side panel over the weight bag.

This is one of the reasons why this set of bags is recommended as the bag sits inside the gazebo and the outer part of the side panel just slips over the velcro… EASY!

Also, it doesn’t matter whether you have rounded or square legs because you just tighten the velcro straps securely around the frame legs and that’s it…  Simple

Pros and cons

  • Can add upto 40kg in weight to help stabilise
  • Can be used on square or round legs
  • Ideal for gazebos with or without sides
  • Realistically priced
  • Heavy duty material bag

  • Better if velcro straps were black instead of white as shows up when dirty

Expert Tip!!

These weight bags are extremely versatile as they can be filled with many different objects to add extra weight however, heres’s the cleanest way to fill the bags…

Step 1 – 2 Litre Coke Bottles

Do you have children that like fizzy pop?

Then I’m sure you’ll have some 2 litre coca cola bottles or other flavours around the home. Maybe you don’t, then ask a friend to save them for you.

Step 2 – What to do with them?

Once you have 4 empty pop bottles you need to save them until you next need to use your gazebo, whether it’s going on a holiday or a special occasion on your garden.

Step 3 – How to use them?

I’m sure the minute I mentioned the pop bottles then you knew what we were going to suggest but if you haven’t here’s what you’re going to do.

Set up your gazebo as you normally would, finally wrap the bags around the frame legs and then go and fill the 2 litre bottles with water and place 1 in each empty bag.

This will add approximately 2kg per bag, although we have heard of people using 4 litre pop bottles with 1 in each pocket, this would then add a total of 16kg to help stabilise the shelter.

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Airwave Plastic Leg Weights | Just Fill With Water

Plastic legs weights that screw around the frame legs of a pop up gazebo

Click Image to view on Amazon

Airwave are a very popular brand in the gazebo industry and this particular set of airwave leg weights can be used on any of their pop up gazebos as well as they’re range of party tents too.

These particular weights are clamped around the frame legs and have screws that can easily be tightened with your fingers.

To fill them up you can use sand or water to add weight.

Personally, I would use water to fill them up as it can be tipped away after use rather than carrying 4 heavy weights full of sand.

When water is used it will add an extra 8kg to each leg weight or should you decide to use sand then you can expect 12kg per leg weight.

See on Amazon

Outdoor Heating | 5 Best Gazebo Heaters to keep you warm

flames from an outdoor fire

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is or what country you live in, there’s a good chance that the temperature will drop cooler at some point and that’s when you’ll need an outdoor heater at the ready.

If you’re in the U.K then you’re more than aware of this 🙂

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a heater or multiple heaters to hand, then there’s a good chance that your event could end early, boo hoo…

We’ve chosen 5 different outdoor heaters to review and we’re pretty sure at least 1 or 2 of them should be perfect for keeping you warm.

Brand Max Power Heat Settings Max Height Price
Firefly (2 pack) 2000W 3 6ft 10ins ££
Outsunny Hanging Halogen /w Remote 2000W 2 Hanging £
Garden Glow Circle Gas Flame 15000W Dial 6ft 11ins ££££
La Hacienda Fire Pit Fuel Fuel 63cm ££
Harbour Housewares Fire Pit Fuel Fuel 38.5cm £

Firefly Electric Patio Heater | Energy Effecient Outdoor Heater

Firefly Freestanding Electric heaters that can keep you and your friends warm outdoors

Click Image to view on Amazon

standing heaterThis set of 2 firefly electric patio heaters are great for those chilly evenings

Firstly, they come with 3 heat settings so you’re able to keep a comfortable temperature and reduce the energy costs when it’s not needed as much.

They don’t cost that much to run anyway to be honest, around 10p per hour, which is quite surprising for an electric heater.

With two we found that we got maximum coverage of our gazebo, one just wasn’t quite enough.

Being IPX4 approved means these are also suitable for indoor use so when summer is over you can make use of them in other ways, perhaps you want to heat your garage whilst you’re in there?

You can easily adjust the height on these dependant on your preference but it ranges from 5ft 8¾in – 6ft 10¾in.

The actual heating lamp can be angled to your preference also, this pivots on a 45 degree angle so you’re able to aim it exactly where you want.

Also, they’re made from stainless steel and are highly durable due to this.

Pros and cons

  • Low energy cost
  • 3 output settings
  • Great value
  • Can also be used indoors
  • Adjustable height

  • Takes a few minutes to warm up

Expert Tip!!

If you place the heaters in opposite corners of the area you want to heat you’ll be able to make the most of the heat they churn out.

Also, you could adjust the height so it’s as low as it goes and angle the heating element towards the floor. This will ensure it heats the coolest air, as warm air rises so you will feel the benefit more.

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Outsunny Halogen Heater | Best Outdoor Hanging Heater

Outsunny hanging heater (electric)

Click Image to view on Amazon

hanging heater with lightOutsunny offer up this fancy looking ceiling heater, it sure kicks out some heat aswell.

With two heat settings you can keep the temperature under reasonable control dependant on your liking.

It’s a bit more hassle to install than a standing heater but that’s expected with the style. However, it’s not difficult at all.

We had it up within 10 minutes and it was kicking out heat in no time. All you need to do is attach it the the central support of the area you wish to be heated.

It has chains attached that allow for the easy setup. With the design, they’ve also added hooks so you can easily adjust the height once you’ve got it hung up so you don’t have to redo everything.

A light is also built into this outdoor heater but to be honest, it didn’t really do much, our phone light was better…

With a splash proof rating of IP24 you’ll have peace of mind when it’s under your canopy as it’s fine against splashed. Don’t however leave it exposed to rain or large amounts of water as it’s not protected against that.

Pros and cons

  • 2 heat settings
  • Easy to adjust
  • Takes up no floor space
  • Can also be used indoors
  • Adjustable height
  • Protective Mesh

  • Built in light is quite dim

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Garden Glow Circle Flame Gas Heater | Aesthetically Pleasing

Garden glow gas flame heater

Click Image to View on Amazon

cool vortex flame heaterA true focal point of your evening when this is nearby.

All guests will be in awe of the beautiful flames that this produces, it gives a really relaxing and warm feel to the environment.

It really encapsulates your guests into the evening.

We loved the variable temperature controls as it has the potential to kick out a huge 15,000 watts. I doubt you’ll ever need to crank it up that high unless you’re looking to heat a large area.

It runs on either butane or propane gas which is easily picked up from many stores such as Homebase or B&Q.

If you plan on getting it from B&Q then you will need to head over to the customer service desk as you cannot just grab it from anywhere in store.

Our favourite part of it being gas powered is that there’s no annoying wires lying around anywhere.

Another advantage this brings is the versatility, you move it around with little effort due to the two wheels it has towards the back side. With a little force, you can tilt it onto the wheels and easily transport it to your desired location.

Once you’ve finished with the heater, you can purchase a cover to store it away for the wet months.

Obviously you must remember to let it cool before you start covering it with anything!

Pros and cons

  • Variable heat
  • Mesmerising flames
  • Huge heat output
  • Available in square design
  • No trailing wires
  • Quick to heat

  • Quite pricey
  • Requires building

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La Hacienda Ochiba Fire Pit | Best log burner for patio areas

Log burner to keep you warm outdoors

Click Image to view on Aamzon

la hacienda fire pitIf you’re after an authentic design then this is what you’re looking for.

The design of this is just awesome, I think a lot of the inspiration for it came from the middle east, its perfect for summer evenings.

It’s naturally rusted and is a great focal point for any garden and evenings.

Also, it has a “game of thrones” type feel to it, take your mind away from the UK, across the narrow sea and into Mereen.

Once you get the logs burning, this can really kick out some heat and it will keep all your guests warm.

You might be thinking, where will I keep the logs?

Well, they already have this problem solved with the design. It features a large space for you to stack up your logs under the fire bowl. It shows how much effort they actually put into the design.

stacked fire pit wood

Something we’d recommend is the Lekto briquettes, these are very slow burning and last around 8 hours per brick. On top of that, they are brick shaped so they are perfect for stacking in the provided space.

If you’re after a more traditional log to burn then we’d recommend this hardwood firewood.

Pros and cons

  • Rustic design
  • Space for storage
  • Good heat output
  • Great centre piece
  • No wires
  • Laser cut flame pattern

  • Takes a while to heat
  • Quite heavy

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Harbour Houseware Cast Iron Fire Pit | Classic Cast Iron Burner

Cast Iron fire pit

Click Image to view on Amazon

harbour houseware fire pitAn awesome cast iron burner, it sits well with many garden styles.

The design is a classic bowl shape which makes it easy to add more wood to your fire.

It’s engineered in a way that improves the heat radiation and allows sufficient air in so your fuel burns longer and brighter.

Assembling the fire pit was pretty smooth and required minimal effort. In the box you’re provided with the allen key needed to tighten everything.

We found that it was very sturdy even when we tested it out over more uneven grounds due to the tripod design. However, we recommend that you definitely try and find the most even surface you can for it.

One thing we found annoying about it was the weight, at 15kg it’s a pretty heft weight to move around but the handles definitely help.

In contrast though, the weight also adds to the stability and prevents it from being accidentally knocked over which is a hugely important safety feature.

The side handles also seemed to cool much faster than the bowl so it means you have less time to wait before being able to transport it.

Expert Tip!!

Another secret benefit that you can get out of these bowl shapes is turning them into a makeshift BBQ.

All you need to do is get a grill rack that’s large enough to cover the bowl and you’re set to start cooking food for your guests!

Pros and cons

  • 3 different sizes
  • Simple, traditional design
  • Side handles
  • Suits any garden
  • Gather people around easily
  • Great focal point

  • Quite heavy to lift
  • Rusts a little

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Spare & Replacement Gazebo Parts | Top Brand Reviews

Accidents happen… they’re inevitable.

There’s been many times things in my garden have been broken, all because of my children!

Alright, i’ll admit it, SOMETIMES it’s my fault too….

One of our gazebos broke; I was devastated, I thought it was beyond repair.

With it being such a highlight of our summer months, it also had quite a sentimental value to me and my family.

So I began my mission, I was determined to try and fix it myself and save us a hefty chunk of cash.

It took me a while before I made any progress, there wasn’t any place where I could easily find any gazebo parts that I needed.

So that’s when it dawned on me, I had a breakthrough, there needs to be a place where people can easily find parts for the brands they need.

So, what we’ve done is try to find all the spare and replacement parts for pop up gazebos that are available to buy on the internet below.

Airwave – Spare Parts and replacements

Part Colour Replacement Type Buy
3×3 Replacement Feet (x2) Black Feet
3×3 Roof Moulding Black Roof Moulding
3×3 Roof Strut Silver/Steel Frame
3×3 Windbars (x2) Black Windbar

All Seasons Gazebo – Spare Parts and replacements

Part Colour Replacement Type Buy
Inside Frame Strut Steel Frame
Outside Frame Strut Steel Frame
3×3 Frame (Pull out) Matt Black Frame

Outsunny – Spare parts and replacements

Part Colour Replacement Type Buy
3×3 Gazebo Canopy Top 2-Tier Replacement Cream White Canopy Roof
3×4 Gazebo Canopy Top 2-Tier Replacement Cream White Canopy Roof
3×3 Gazebo Canopy Top 2-Tier Replacement Rusty Red Canopy Roof
3×4 Gazebo Canopy Top 2-Tier Replacement Rusty Red Canopy Roof
3×4 Gazebo Canopy Top 2-Tier Replacement Brown Canopy Roof

Green Bay – Spare parts and replacements

Part Colour Replacement Type Buy
3×3 Gazebo Canopy Top 2-Tier Replacement Ivory Canopy Roof
3×3 Gazebo Canopy Top 2-Tier Replacement Coffee Canopy Roof
Mosquito Side Net Ivory Canopy