About Us

Shaun Bird – Owner

My name is Shaun Bird and I live in Nottinghamshire, in the UK.

I began a site (doesn’t exist anymore) that was related to gazebos and related equipment then after a few months I took a different course and started to review other unrelated products on a friends website.

After a while, I got back into reviewing gazebos and related products because I had a genuine interest in how things work and help explain what the confusing terminology actually means.

I think sometimes, product manufacturers get that involved in their product that they expect everyone to be experts and understand the descriptions and features that their products have straight off the bat.

This website ‘Gazebo Jungle’ was created to help the buyers of a popup gazebo have a better understanding of exactly what they were and are buying.

As you’ll be well aware, understanding all the terminology, for example, 100% waterproof & water-resistant, most people don’t know the difference.¬† This site helps explain to you the difference between the two mentioned previously, along with several similar descriptions that can be confusing.

As you’ll see when scrolling around this site, I now cover much more than just pop up gazebos, I’ve included many more outdoor shelters such as; wooden gazebos, metal gazebos and also event shelters.

You can see my reviews and make a purchase with the information that I’ve provided you or you can gain a better understanding of outdoor shelters then buy something that we have reviewed.

This site is all about educating my visitors and providing them with an impartial and unbiased opinion.